Geekly Review #84


It’ll just be me this week as Will’s out of office with his real job with a work away day.

Surprisingly I’ve not played any of the Witcher 3 over the weekend. In fact my PS4 was only used for movies. It’s been a nice sun filled weekend so was sure to make the most of it.

Friday evening instead of playing Witcher I watched 2 films with my wife. The incredible Formula 1 film Rush and then a random comedy Sex Tape. I enjoy formula 1, and have seen Rush numerous times before. But it’s one I can watch again and again without getting repetitive as I just love the sense of speed in the film and the sounds of the old F1 cars.

Sex Tape, well that was a case of putting something on as it was too early to call it a night. Heard it was funny but had yet to watch it. It did start out pretty funny but then just got completely random. I ended up not really enjoying it as it got too weird, and this is coming from someone who enjoyed Hot-Tub Time Machine.


Saturday we were celebrating one of our friends birthday, with the weather glorious we went to the nearest park and had drinks and food there just chilling out on the grass. We then went back to their house for more drinks and then out to the local pub. Needless to say I was pretty drunk by the end of it. Which resulted in Sunday feeling quite terrible.

But a way to perk up from a hangover is a BBQ, and fortunately that was the agenda celebrating another birthday with a BBQ. After that I watched the Canadian Formula 1 which was a return to winning ways for Lewis Hamilton in a race which he led from start to finish without any real threat from the pack. Vettel having a good race picking up some good points despite a back of the grid start and slow pit stop. And to see the weekend off we watched another film. Dreamworks animations Home. It wasn’t a Dreamworks classic at all. Enjoyable, but nothing in comparison to other animation films they’ve put out such as Shrek, Madagascar or How to train your dragon.


And that’s it, not so much in terms of Geeky stuff other than films. Back to Witcher 3 tonight though and counting down the days for E3 to start.

– Murr

In The News….

Fallout 4 Revealed:

Yup quite the large story last week as Fallout 4 was officially revealed with a debut teaser trailer some 2 weeks away from E3.

Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection Revealed:

Because why save all the surprises for E3 right? In what is probably one of the worst kept secrets for PS4. The Uncharted Collection was finally confirmed and set for an October release.

Nintendo Dropping Early Bombs:

Continuing with the pattern above, Nintendo also revealed some new games and info before E3 with a Nintendo Mini Direct. Why all the news 2 weeks before E3?

It’s almost E3… So Catch up:

Yup E3 is almost upon us. The 2nd most wonderful time of the year. We’ve been dropping out our hopes and expectations for the conferences that will be taking place. Why not take a look at what we’re hoping to see.


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