Geekly Review #149

The mince pies have arrived in the shops, so Christmas is basically here, right?!

Dungeons & Dragons

I’d consider myself to be fairly geeky or nerdy or whatever you want to call it. I’m a fan of basically anything geeky yet, somehow I’ve managed to make it this far without ever playing  Dungeons and Dragons, even though I’ve wanted to for a long while. But that changed the other week when I had my first ever session with some friends and we’ve got our second session this week, which I’m super excited for.

Our first play session was about 5 hours and it flew by, it was such good fun. A few of our group have played before so they know what they’re doing which helped with creating our characters and getting set up and ready to go. I’ve decided on being a Warlock Drau Elf dude because magic is cool.

I don’t really know why it’s taken me so long to get around to playing D&D but I’m glad that I finally have.

Rocket League

The Rumble update dropped for Rocket League last week so I’ve been spending a fair bit of time on that and I have to say it’s fantastic – and it’s free!

With the update they’ve added the ‘rumble’ mode which essentially gives you random modifiers in games – things like, spikes that come out of your car and make the ball stick to you, a boxing glove the punches the ball away, a magnet that attracts the ball to you and more. They are all on a 10 second cool down for each player then you get one randomly selected and given to you. They add a great bit of randomness to the game and they’re a lot of fun to use.


There has also been the addition of crates and keys – much like CSGO. You can now randomly be rewarded a crate at the end of a game and if you unlock it you’ll get an item of some varying degree of rarity. I’ve only seen one crate drop so far an it gave me a new car, so they seem quite rare at the moment. But it’s a pretty neat little system that you can use if you like to.

Destiny Rise of Iron

There’s just over a week now until Rise of Iron drops on Xbox One and PS4. Needless to say I’m pretty excited about it. I did a post detailing all the major new content coming with Rise of Iron and you can check it out here.

– Will

PlayStation 4 Pro & PlayStation 4 Slim

Well the PS4 Slim is perhaps the worst kept secret in gaming since it appeared for sale on GumTree in the UK weeks before it’s official reveal. But the PlayStation Meeting held last week was interesting for the reveal of the upgraded PS4, The PlayStation 4 Pro.

Now Will and I have discussed this, and we’re both in agreement that console iterations, especially this one are pretty much pointless. This PS4 is apparently a significant boost, but we’re just not really sure why there is a need for it now? Scorpio is rumoured to trump the PS4Pro specs wise, and it’s due to retail in winter 2017. Again to me pointless as you might as-well sugarcoat it and say that its the start of the new generation when that launches. But this Pro, I just don’t know why it’s here? 4K TV’s are taking a while to invade households like HD tv’s did.

The news that all standard PS4’s are going to be updated via firmware update to output HDR is awesome news though. And the PS4 Slim which we should now just address as PS4 as it’ll replace the old model is also a very attractive price point for people to jump in. It’s certainly going to be an interesting winter to see if Sony’s moves are going to be positive.

The details for their new hardware are PS4 Slim launching on September 15th for £259 and PS4 Pro November 10th at £349. You can read the live summary of PlayStation meeting here.



Super Mario Coming To Smartphones

The same day of the PlayStation meeting, Apple held their show to reveal the iPhone 7. However as much as this got people talking, it was the first part of the conference that sent some pretty big shock waves through the gaming world. Nintendo’s legendary visionary Shigeru Miyamoto appeared on stage at the event to reveal that Nintendo would be bringing Mario to smart phones, with iPhone being the first phone to get the title. The good news is that the game won’t feature any microstransactions, and is’t free to play but a fully fledged title to purchase. You can read the details from this part of the conference here.



Shoot Talk #1

So this site has had some wrestling coverage back in the day where I’d post PPV results the day after the PPV. This was when I could work with 2 hours sleep and could watch the PPV’s live, go to work and still somehow drive back from work that evening without crashing. I’ve got to the stage now where I treasure sleep and can’t handle work with only 2 hours sleep so stopped live results and the wrestle posts in general died down a bit. But it’s also become apparent that wrestling at the moment is currently one of my favourite things ever, and not just within WWE but alot of promotions. So it felt right to try and bring our wrestling section back up a bit given how amazing 2016 has been for WWE and wrestling fans in general.

So with that I’m going to try to keep a weekly feature going. This isn’t all about results and predictions (although #1 did feature Backlash predictions), but more so opinions on what’s going on in the wrestling world. It’s primarily WWE focused, but will feature other promotions if big talking points come from them. Unfortunately balancing the full time job, and home life with a wife and watching all the wrestling in a week that’s available can be a tough ask, So some weeks it might feel like I’ve missed something major to discuss. But I’ll try to keep it as up to date as possible.

See what you think about Shoot Talk #1 here.


– Murr


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