Community roundup #1: A new feature from GSRR

Over the years, Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat have had a lot of love, shares and general community goodness from other content creators in the gaming space. As part of that community, we want to make sure we’re giving back.

Our community roundup is a new feature, that aims to share out some of the great content we have read in games over the last week. So if you you find something that you think is really great, be it a review, guide or even just a thought piece, ping it over to @GSRR_UK.

When life gets tough, I make a new World of Warcraft character

We love this article because it addresses the positive impact that video games can have on peoples lives. The news is full of pieces talking about how video games can be bad for your mental health, and the subject of positivity gets lost. Written by Mike Fahey, who can be found on twitter here: @bunnyspatial

Forget easy mode. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice needs an equal mode

This long form piece from @SteveSpohn is fantastic piece of journalism that addresses some of the accessibility issues that people face when notoriously difficult games, and how accessible features do not equal ‘easy mode’.


Microsoft Flight Simulator ’95: What was I thinking?

This is a lovely piece of nostalgia from our friend @Hundstrasse over at I had a constant grin on my face reading this one, it’s well written, funny, and it certainly shines some light on how far games have come.

11 games I loved but never finished

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this one, but it’s a brilliant idea for a series. Written by @gamergalexe, this one should resonate with any gamer out there.

Spellbreak impressions

Lastly, I thought I’d include one from our resident Youtuber and editor @HudsonGamingUK. Spellbreak is a beautiful, relentless magic based Battle Royale game. I tried it a few times and just couldn’t get the hang of it, Will, on the other hand, had some better luck.

A lego gamecube that holds switch games!

This isn’t an article, or a video, but it was just too cool not to put in here

Thanks for reading!

That’s it for our first roundup, we would love to hear your thoughts on the new idea and f you read something worth sharing, please drop us a comment or catch me on twitter @RossGSRR

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