The Girlfriend Gaming Experiment

My girlfriend is a good egg, a keeper some would say. She’s very understanding of my need to play games (and yes it is a need) but she’s never really shown a willingness to get involved – well, not past playing a bit of The Sims, or Tomb Raider 2 when she was about 10. That’s even after I bought Tomb Raider Legends for her!

So, I’ve challenged myself to get her ‘in to games’ a bit more. I want to try and make her understand why I love games so much, and how they can really be a very captivating experience. I want to show her that you can easily get lost in a good story, and actually care about what happens, just like in a good book.

The first problem is finding a game that I think she’ll enjoy. She doesn’t get on well with the Xbox 360 controller – ¬†anything she’s previously tried results in her spinning in circles looking at the ground. ¬†Therefore I need a game that’s not too hard to control.

She also gets bored pretty easily. So step 2 is to find a game that isn’t too long.

One other major requirement is a game with a good story, something that will make her care, and get her emotionally invested.

Based on this criteria, and after performing some very complex algorithms, I have decided that the perfect game is Telltale games…

TWDThis was one of my favourite games of last year, and could quite easily feature in a top 10 list of my favourite games. The episodic nature of it is perfect for short attention spans. The gripping story driven game play is perfect to pull on the ol’ heart strings, and the pacing of the game in terms of controls should suit my girlfriend down to the ground.

I’ll keep you posted with how things go, and what decisions she makes in the game.

And if it all goes tits up, I can just pick up from where she leaves it, and play though it again myself. Any excuse hey!

– Will

P.S Season 2 for The Walking Dead was officially announced by Telltale last night. Rejoice, Clem is back!

Here’s the trailer for it courtesy of Telltale games, check it out.

6 thoughts on “The Girlfriend Gaming Experiment

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  2. Funnily enough, we’re doing a similar thing over our way…and came to the exact same conclusion on the choice of game! Will be interesting to see if the results/conclusions are similar!

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  4. I wouldn’t say I’m lucky or anything as I tend not to make a great deal out of “girl gamers” – to me, it doesn’t really matter what gender you are when it comes to gaming. But my girlfriend is somewhat a gamer, although our gaming tastes differ greatly, my girlfriends a MMO player, while I’ve never touched an MMORPG in my life. It’s pretty interesting as we’re finding out new games and news through each others choice in platform and the life. Gaming is something we’re both pretty passionate about.

    • I’m not one to make a big deal about ‘girl gamers’ either, like you say it doesn’t matter what gender you are. But I think it would be nice if I could share my interests in games with my girlfriend a little more, and this is kind of what the idea of this is.
      Also I just thought it would be a bit of fun.
      Thanks for reading.
      – Will

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