FM14 #2: Things Can Only Get Better!

After a fairly dismal start at Bristol City, surely things couldn’t get worse? It was time to get inspirational. I called a team talk, “Come on guys, we can’t let this start get us down.” I opened “I know you are capable of better, so lets see it on the pitch.” I then pulled out the karaoke machine and began a beautiful rendition of ‘Things can only get better’. (Ok the last bit only happened in my head).

As it turns out, the team talk worked. In actual fact you might even say Bristol City were flying! Not only were we undefeated in the month of September, we won all our games. As a result of this, I won the manager of the month award, City are sitting 2nd in the table, and Vellios is quickly becoming the hottest striker in the league after grabbing 8 goals in 5 games during this time. Baldock isn’t doing to badly either.

Here is a quick summary of what happened!

FM14 Results

I’m not stupid though, I know football manager, I knew this wouldn’t last forever, and I was right!

October, *shudders*, we all know October is a dark month.  Its Halloween, the clocks change, winter rolls in. And Bristol City play a bit crap. After a couple of back to back defeats, which left City in  6th place, (not exactly a relegation battle), the board summon me for a meeting after the Brentford 2-0 loss. “Oh crud, here we go, I’m going to get the sack.”

This is how October panned out.

FM14 Results

“Hello Will,” they started “We were very disappointed with your last result, do you have an explanation?”

I took the blame, said it was my fault, and that I was sorry.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it boyo!” Or something along those lines. “If you don’t start improving results you will be out of here quicker than cat that’s had a firework tied to its tail.” (No animals were harmed in the typing of this line)

Again I apologised, and left the meeting feeling slightly hard done by. Ok we lost a couple of games that we should have won, but we were 6th, 3 points off the top team. Come on guys, cut me some slack. Ok the 5-1 pasting wasn’t good, but still.

Luckily I went on to beat Carlisle 2-0 with Vellios again providing the goods. So I have saved myself from the chop….. for now.

– Will

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