The Geekly Review – #1

Geekly Review #1 1st Nov – 4th Nov

Well it’s time for our very first Geekly Update, this is where we write upon the weekend’s geek activities, we’re going to try and keep this as a weekly feature, so hope everyone likes…

Well Friday is normally Agents of Shield and Walking Dead night for me, but on this occasion I didn’t watch either (Thanks America for the week pause of Shield). I had a little extra cash left over from my designated monthly allowance (saving for a wedding is a wallet buster) so joined the party late and picked up Pokemon Y for the 3DS. I unfortunately had some trivial house cleaning tasks to do, but my fiancé was going out for the night so knew I had some time to play……Well eventually I got into this.

So I picked Chespin and Charmander, I got 6 and a half hours into it before feeling kinda groggy and going to bed, by this point my gym badge pursuit was 1 badge with a pokedex count of 36 owned.I decided I’d take a dabble in wonder trading. I’d read all about this how char90% of people who use this feature are jerks that don’t send decent Pokemon off, I’m ashamed to say on this occasion I was one of those jerks, I sent my level 4 Caterpie off on a journey to California, and in return received a level 46 Amoonguss. Pretty happy with that result. I dabbled more but ended up with a lot of Pokemon from Japanese trainers who had named the Pokemon Japanese names. I’m one for keeping originality so traded them over and over until I received a level 4 Pikachu. I decided to quit while I was ahead.

Saturday for me was actually spent doing things a guy who’s 6 months away from being married needs to do. I went wedding ring and wedding suit shopping. And ended up going to the pub with 2 of my 3 best men (yes 3 best men) to catch up on stag doo plans, while also watching Liverpool lose to Arsenal 2-0 (quite enjoyable being a s1Manchester United fan, while all my best men are Liverpool fans). Once back from the pub it was all about catching up with the formula 1 grand prix qualification results and watching last night’s Smackdown(see geeks really can like sport) and back onto Pokemon.

Sunday was a day for doing sod all but chilling on the sofa, with that said I watched the F1 and witnessed Seb win yet another race by a good clear 30 seconds, Records will simply continue to fall while he’s in the sport. Followed this up with Walking Dead which had things happen I genuinely didn’t see coming, and Homeland which again has defiantly picked up pace as the season continues to progress. Less Dana from now on though please. And lastly I of course played some more Pokemon, I took to wonder trading again and got an incredible result. Sent a level 12 Doduo off to Brazil and in return received a level 1 Froakie. Most happy with that, Gotta say I love these new Pokemon designs,

Current roster and progress update – 2 Badges, 56 owned and my current team is –

Litleo – 33
Pidgeotto – 34
Pangoro – 34
Meowstic -35
Quilladin – 34
Frogadier – 31

– Murr

My weekend started slightly different. My girlfriend was organising/hosting a Halloween party called Deadfest at  Timbuk2. I spent about an hour getting zombied up, but I was pretty happy with the result.


The night was really good fun, and there were a lot of good ‘costumes’  on display.

Saturday was spent hungover as we didn’t get in until about 4am. Football manager is a pretty easy game to play whilst hung over, so I carried on with my Bristol City career, which I have started to write about here.

As it was a hangover day, we needed some hang over food, which meant a trip to Atomic Burger. It hit the spot real good! FYI Atomic Burger is probably one of my favourite places to eat at the moment, not only for the amazing burgers but also for the cool retro geeky deco.

We made a start on the Girlfriend Gaming Experiment last night, so expect updates soon.

I also managed to catch up on The Legend of Korra. After The Beginnings part 1 & 2, which I really enjoyed, I felt the latest episode ‘The Guide’, was a little on the quiet side. But you can see that it is all coming together ready for the Korra vs Unalaq show down!

Now here we are on  Monday morning again, booo! But that does mean I get to catch up on Homeland tonight (we usually save it for Monday nights, as Monday night tele is pants!)

– Will

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