WWE’s Thriving Tag Team Division

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  1. geekoutsw says:

    There’s only one thing to say about all of this.

    WE, THE PEOPLE! Seriously though, Antonio Cesaro is a beast (I was watching an incredible “75 top moves of Claudio Castagnoli” on YouTube today :)). Couple Cesaro with Jack Swagger who is, let’s be honest, a big guy who’s bound to hurt in the ring against and we have a great tag team in the making (Now they’re not just jobbing)! Now we may also be getting Daniel Bryan and CM Punk teaming up. Heaven!

    I only started watching WWE as of about midway through 2011 (Just before CM Punks now infamous Pipe Bomb), mostly out of curiousity. Having never watched WWE before, I wasn’t sure what to expect… But dang is it good fun? The tag division is spectacular now. When I started to watch, tag team didn’t feel existant, but now that it’s here: It’s making itself heard. It’s here now and it’s going to be come more and more important.

    Always great to read more WWE views 🙂

    1. geeksrr says:

      Thanks for reading. The prospect of a Bryan & Punk tag team is pretty damn exciting. Although it is a little disappointing as they are both so over right now (Punk has never not been), It would be nice to see Punk feature in the WWE title picture again. It’s a shame that Bryan didn’t get the run that was expected. Apparently his headline spot in the past 3 PPV’s just didn’t bring the numbers in.

      Still want to see Ziggler back in contention for a belt, His cash in for the WHC after Wresltemania is still my highlight of the year.

      – Murr

      1. geekoutsw says:

        Great highlight, too. Yeah, Punk is one of the main reasons that I started to watch WWE, so him with the strap is always a good thing.

        Bryan certainly got the crowds going, I hope this leads to Punk v Bryan for the title at Wrestlemania!


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