GTA: Online – Did we just become best friends?

I wasn’t planning on writing about GTA: Online, but after last night’s escapade I felt I had to.

It all started with a digger, a digger that I stole, and decided to go for a joy ride in.

Shortly after my digger joy ride began I was approached by a fellow online player on a motorbike. Usually when this happens they open fire on me without hesitation. (Kill or be killed and all that). Not this time though, this time I was greeted with a friendly toot of his horn (not a euphemism I swear), I reciprocated with a loud bellow of the diggers horn.

What I hadn’t realised whilst cruising was that I had stopped outside a police station, and when you’ve stolen a vehicle, the police will recognise you. So I instantly gained a wanted level.

Police opened fire before I had time to surrender (yea, like was going to surrender anyway). Me and my new friend FaZe TRLGY returned fire, and took cover behind the digger. After a short fire fight, the immediate area was clear. But back up was incoming. Where should we go? Do I leave him and save myself? No we should both take cover in the police station grounds, brilliant idea! By this time choppers were swarming the area, and NOOSE agents were inbound. A fierce fire fight ensued. I lobbed a grenade to try and make an opening for escape. BOOM! 4 police cars were obliterated. But more kept coming. We were outnumbered, out gunned, and I was badly injured .

I eventually succumbed to my injuries, and upon respawning, I noticed FaZe was still alive and fighting. He had managed to run to a nearby skate park but he was cornered with no way out. I did the only thing any man would do in that situation, call in a chopper of course! I ‘took charge’ of the chopper and flew to a safe location near FaZe, “Get to da CHOPPA!!!” I yelled (via text). He climbed out the back of the skate park, got in, and we made our escape.

“Thnx I was pinned down.” He replied.

We weren’t safe yet though, choppers were still after us. We had to lose our wanted levels. A high speed chopper chase took us north, where we eventually lost our tail. I dropped FaZe off at the Sandy Shores airfield. He got in the Titan plane and we both headed back to Los Santos for more fun.

Me & FaZe enjoying a nice getaway ride.

Me & FaZe enjoying a nice getaway ride.

I landed my chopper on the Los Santos tower, watched FaZe awkwardly fly the Titan around for a while before he crashed. I parachuted down to his respawn location. He was already waiting for me with a motorbike. I got on the back, and we set off Uzi’s blazing.

Police were quickly on to us, and we didn’t stand much of chance on a bike, we quickly looked for a new vehicle, an SUV was nearby, so we stole it. By this time we had 4 wanted stars, and things were going from bad to worse. So what happened next? A damn Cargobob showed up, and airlifted us to safety, although this guys idea of safety was to drop us on a skyscraper. But hey, we escaped the cops. We made our way down the building by parachuting off, and continuing our journey.

But now we faced new threat. It was another player. Who had obviously noticed our rampant destruction. He was armed with a Buzzard attack chopper, and we were armed with….. a motorbike. He chased us across what felt like the entire map, rockets whizzing past us every few seconds, and me trying to shoot him down with just my Uzi. It took him a good 10 minutes before he finally took us out.

I could go on because we did so much more in our 2 hour frenzy, but you get the idea.

This is why I love GTA. I made friends with someone I’ve never met, we didn’t utter a word to each other, and we had a blast. FaZe didn’t question my motives behind my actions, when I kicked a random parked car for what appeared to be no reason, did he say “Dude what the hell are you doing?” No! he joined in! When I decided to break in to someones back garden to swim in the pool did he say “We don’t have time for this, the police are on our tail.” No! He went swimming too. We bonded, in a strange and silent way, over a mutual love for arsing about.

I spent a lot of the evening literally lol-ing whilst playing, with my girlfriend saying “What do you keep laughing at?”. I was laughing at the pure joy that is GTA. The random, incredible and unscripted moments you create all by yourself, armed with just your imagination. So please, I implore you, if you haven’t played GTA: Online, or got annoyed with the initial connection problems, go back, get on it. Just play it!

GTA: Online, trying to land a Titan on the beach

Me trying to land a Titan on the beach. Didn’t work.

– Will

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