Geekly Review – #2

Another week down, which means another weekend of Geek…

Unfortunately this weekend I didn’t really partake into much ‘Geek’, Friday was spent on GTA Online (Finally got my $500k) and watching Walking Dead. Have to say I really like seeing a few episodes where the action takes place outside the prison. It’s nice getting a look at the empty world outside. I’m avoiding writing spoilers in these article’s so won’t go into any further details about Rick and Carol’s trip for medicines. But will say one thing… Damn.

Saturday during the day time, a massive load of sweet F A took place. Not even anything remotely geeky. Just pure laziness sat on the sofa flicking between Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons. Although I did end up going out Saturday night and enjoying Jaeger-bombs and Morgan Spiced shots far too much, which would then lead to Sunday…

And a hangover. Got over it though in time for Manchester United vs Arsenal. A game I enjoyed greatly as a Manchester United fan, a lot of other results went my way over the weekend too which was fortunate. Once that was finished I caught up with Shield. Have to admit I was going off Shield a little bit. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the episodes, But as I’ve said to people before I was getting fed up that the show seemed to be more of a ‘villain of the week’ show, with little connectivity between episodes (Red Tide and Coulsen’s resurrection excluded) Not that episode 5 really connected any dots between previous episodes, but It was nice to have a plot related to The Avengers. Again I’ll try to keep spoiler free, but there was also a moment in the episode I genuinely thought that Coulsen’s dream team may be a member down. Stupid to think that right.

Lastly I watched Homeland… This 3rd season has been very entertaining even with only one episode involving Broady. The ploy that Saul had going with Carrie was excellent, and Carrie now actually appears to have her shit together. Potential spoilers follow this….

I assume the pregnancy tests will go on to involve Brody, and setup a return for his character to make him relevant to the story again, cause at present he’s not really that needed. And Dana moving out? Can it be… Homeland will now be about Terrorism, CIA and espionage rather than the Dana Brody show…. we can┬áhope. Of course this could also mean one other thing. Chris Brody it’s your time to shine..


– Murr

Along side my love of games, I also have a love of music, more specifically anything with some good bass. So Friday night saw me and a 6 others head up to Manchester for a night a The Warehouse Project. Acts like Major Lazer, Annie Mac, Chromeo were all in attendance. We had a really good night. But was it worth the 8 hour round trip? Yes, to experience it, but I don’t think I will be heading back any time soon. ┬áThe venue was amazing, it was so dark in some of the rooms it felt like a scene out of I Am Legend at times. The music was also really good, but maybe I’m just getting a bit old, but it was too damn busy!

Main Room at the Warehouse Project

Main Room at the Warehouse Project

We got back Saturday evening, so spent the evening not really doing much. Like Murr, I also caught up on Shield and really liked the latest episode. I think it was the first time I actually cared about what happened to the team. I also managed to catch up on The Legend of Korra, also a very enjoyable episode.

Sunday was spent playing computer games. I bought FTL (Faster Than Light) on Steam as it was on sale! So far it a very fun game. I also played some GTA and spent most of my $500k stimulus package, and Football Manager of course. Oh and I picked up World of Kelfings for free as part of the ‘Games with Gold’ promotion. It’s still free until the 15th so if you don’t have it yet, go get it! It’s FREE!

I also have today off work, so I’ll be playing some more FM14 today, hoping to the my first season finished! I’ll also be taking a trip to Forbidden Planet shortly to see if anything takes my interest.


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