Geekly Review #4

Its Monday again, that means its time to let you know what we have been up to over the weekend.

I had Friday off of work, unfortunately this wasn’t because I was getting an Xbox One, but it did mean seeing a few people on my friends list playing them. I was jealous.

What I actually did Friday was mainly lounge around.

I got around to completing Brothers: A tale of two sons. I really enjoyed it, it was an excellent game. I loved how they managed to tell a story without any real dialogue, and I generally just loved the whole game.

I also watched the next episode of Almost Human, my review of the first can be found here. I still enjoyed it, although I did think the latest episode was just a bit CSI, but in the future. I hope that the rest of the series doesn’t go down this route as I would like to see something a bit different and not the usual “Case solved in one episode” style that CSI uses. Plus its the future! Use your imagination a bit! Was sex bots really all you could come up with?

Saturday Murr and another friend Luke, came over to watch the Merseyside derby, and play a bit of FIFA. The game wasn’t a bad game, a draw wasn’t too bad a result. But it would have been great to get the win. Plus Everton should have been down to 10 men pretty early on!

Sunday, I picked up The Stanley Parable. Now if you don’t know about this game, you should! It was first created in 2011 on the source engine, I believe it was through Garry’s Mod, but do correct me if I’m wrong. I didn’t actually play it in this state. It was then announced and approved for a completely stand alone version via Steam Greenlight, and released with more of a story, and extra game play in October. I had seen a few game play videos of it, and was thinking of getting it sooner rather than later.

Firstly I picked up the demo, just to test it out for myself. Let me just say the demo was fantastic. It was almost like a game on its own, and if you have played the full game but not the demo, go back and play the demo. Its completely different.

I was sold, I got the full game straight away, and eagerly waited for it to download.

Now the game is a bit odd. You play as Stanley, who works in an office, and just presses buttons when he is told to via his computer, he doesn’t know what it does, or why he does it. He just does. One day, whilst at work, everyone disappears. Now Stanley is left to go on a bizarre ‘story’, completely narrated by a ‘voice in his head’. You can choose to follow that voice as it tells you where to go, or ignore it when he tells you to go ‘through the door on the left’. Which ever you choose, you are presented with some brilliant dialogue from the voice.


“When Stanley came to a set of two open doors, he entered the door on his left.”

There isn’t really an objective as such, just a few random ‘endings’ which basically just take you back to the beginning to do it all over again.  Its crazy, but brilliant. The narration is very funny, and its great to see how he interacts with you when you do something that is the opposite of what is asked. I am excited to see how many other story branches I can discover. I think I have probably found 4 ‘endings’ so far, and I know there are a lot more, including a Minecraft Easter egg.

Pick it up on Steam now for £9.99.

– Will

Well for me my gaming weekend was extended in that I’ve been on annual leave from 18th to 24th November. So I attempted to tackle some of my back log. I completed Vanquish which you can read about here. Should of got round to playing it sooner as I really enjoyed it despite the length. Another game I got two thirds of the way through was Portal 2. I’ll sound like a broken record here but again another game I really should of got into sooner. I loved the tests that I’ve been involved in so far, and visiting the old Aperature Science labs was really good fun. Very funny game too, But I knew that was the case from the first. Another awesome highlight was getting to bust out Mario Kart Wii and playing with a few friends. It’s been ages since I played it, and my results backed this up, but still It was good fun anyway. Alot of Game & Wario, WWE13 and GTA5: Online was also played.

To change the tone on Shield, I really enjoyed the latest episode following the events of Thor. But that could be down to how much I loved Thor: The Dark World in the first place. And Tahiti damn… some magical shit really went down and I must know what soon. We’ll be drip fed bit by bit each week I assume. Walking Dead was awesome following the Guvnor and seeing how he’s been coping. Strange I felt myself liking him towards the end of the episode. It can’t be can it. Homeland has was once again incredible, this series is really making the show un-missable. Saul is a very crafty chap. But god dammit Carrie just follow an order for once, Could of been avoided had you of listened.

Finally another weekend of sport. I watched the Liverpool game with Will and another friend and have to admit as a Manchester United fan enjoyed the result. Especially predicting when Everton’s 3rd goal was going to happen to the disappointment of Will & Luke. But I cannot gloat as United went and fluffed up a chance to close in on the top 4 with a draw at Cardiff. I also watched the final 4 minutes of the Rugby League Semi Final. England was typically England and lost in the closing moments of the game. And lastly I watched the final F1 race of the season. We all knew who would win. Seb had another record breaking weekend breaking 3 records. 9 wins in a row in 1 season, 13 wins in 1 season and his total point tally in a season. Unbelievable.

Well it’s been an enjoyable week off work. Only 15 working days then I’ll be off till the new year. A lot of gaming and geek planned in that spell.

– Murr


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