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Flawless Victory – PS4 Launch

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  1. BlimBeard says:

    Great article Murr. I’m the colleague mentioned.All in all it just seemed too easy compared to previous experience of console launches!. A couple of hours chatting about games over a pint in the comfort of Wetherspoons was far better than standing outside Game huddled over a DS or Vita for hours. Kudos to Tesco for organising it as efficiently as they did. I didn’t have to work the next day either so managed to get a couple of extra hours in on the Thursday night, and then obviously the majority of the weekend was also taken up with shiny new console funsies. Loving the PS4 so far, picked up Assassins Creed: Black Flag on Friday which is a ton of fun if you enjoy the buckling of swashes and am thoroughly looking forward to seeing what the forthcoming titles can make out of the hardware. Especially looking forward to Destiny, Deep Down and Final Fantasy XV.

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