The Sunshine Award


We at GEEK.SLEEP.RINSE.REPEAT have been honoured with a nomination for a Sunshine Award from Drakulus23 who is the author over at Pretty freaking awesome I think!

The rules of the Sunshine Award are as follows.

  • Use the logo in the post.
  • Link to whoever nominated you.
  •  Nominate 10 other bloggers.
  •  Share 10 facts about yourself.
  • Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

As there are two of us who write for this blog, we shall do 5 facts each.

Will Facts!

1. I have 2 Cats, Pedro and Frank.

2. I support Liverpool FC

3. As well as gaming I like to DJ (only really at home or house parties)

4. I seriously love Christmas, a ridiculous amount.

5. I also like to mountain bike. Where I live is great for it.

Will’s blog nominations.

1. Pass the pad games – They have shown support for our blog which we really appreciate, and have very similar gaming interests.

2. It’s Just Nice – This is my girlfriends blog, her blogging is kind of what made me want to start. Although the subject matter is completely different.

3. Geek Out South-West – Got to show support to a local blogger!

4. Darkulus – Has always shown a lot of support for us, and has some really good posts.

5. Why Would You Buy – Really love the style of reviews they do.

– Will

Well 5 facts for me then (Murr!)

1. I’m getting Married in April 2014

2. I’m a Nintendo fanboy

3. I have cat called Millie but plan on getting 2 more after the wedding.

4. I’m a MySQL/MSSQL/Linux Database Administrator by day.

5. I have land in Mauritius

Murr’s nominations –

1. The Verbal Spew – I enjoy reading the frequently updated ‘spews’ and appreciate the support given to our blog in it’s first few months.

2. The Dad Gentleman Geek – This guy’s a dad and still has time for his passions. Awesome! Again shows us support by commenting on our articles.

3. 1001-up – A really good blog for reviews of games old and new.

4. Ash – Another really awesome blog that has excellent frequent reviews and features.

5. Play Legit – I’ve only recently started viewing this blog, but again another fantastic blog with some awesome features to read.

– Murr

Thanks to everyone who has shown us support since we started up just a couple of months a go. You guys are awesome!

11 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award

  1. I bought my fiance a DS for Christmas one year with Professor Layton: Curious Village and she loved it, but then didn’t pick up many more games for it. She’s attempted to play Left 4 Dead with me on a few occasions but has a habit of waking the ‘witch’ up which always results in bad news and her demise in the game. Then that’s just about game over haha.

    I’ll continue to try and bring her to the dark side.

  2. Congratulations GSRR on an award well deserved for a blog with great content. Oh, of course – Bristol based, too! 😉 You’ll have to come along and grab a brew with the GeekOut group one day! Thanks for the nomination 🙂

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