Geekly Review #7

Wait, the weekend has gone already? Dammit! Oh well time for another Geekly Review.

Will’s Weekend!

For me, my ‘weekend’ was actually 4 days long. I took Thursday & Friday off of work so I could start some Christmas shopping. And whilst I got some done on Thursday, I also made some time to just geek out for a bit.

So Friday, I went back to EVE: Online. Now this is my third attempt at getting in to it. And I have decided if I don’t get in to it this time, then I just never will. I think I might just like the idea of the game more than the actual game itself. I mean whats not to like (on paper). MMO – check, Epic space battles – Check, PVP & PVE – Check, the freedom to do pretty much what you want – Check, Multiple ‘careers’ to choose, from mining, to exploration, to a life in the military – Check. Want to start a corporation? You can. Want to join a player run corp, that is actually at ‘war’ with other player run corps, you can.


Look at it! How could you not be tempted.

There is so much to do in EVE, but this is both its major draw and biggest flaw. You just don’t know where to start, especially if you play alone, like me.

This time I have decided to start life as an Indiana Jones of space. I’m going to explore, I’m going to excavate. And hopefully make my riches this way. I will just see where things go from there. I would like to join a corp, so that I might have some people to at least talk to, and hope that it will give me some kind of direction. I might even write about my time in space, haven’t decided yet. So far I’ve sunk about 8 hours in to my new character, and I’m enjoying it more than before.

Saturday, as well as picking up Read Body Road (Review) on Thursday, I also picked up Lazarus volume 1, which is the collection of Issues 1-4 of the comic. it also includes a nice little prelude at the end, which I believe wasn’t in the comic versions.

Set in a dystopian near future, where a handful of rich families rule, the series follows Forever Carlyle, who is the Lazarus for the Carlyle family. A Lazarus is basically the protector of the family, who has been genetically modified and received all the best training there is to offer, to make them the ultimate bad ass.

Forever’s father suspects a conspiracy amongst his family, he send Forever to the enemy, the Morray family, in a hope to help root out the conspirators. Needless to say it gets messy.

I’m pretty hooked on it already, and read through the whole thing very quickly. But now I’m not sure what to do. Do I go and buy issue 5 which just released, or do I wait for the next volume, which wont be out until at least March. It doesn’t seem right to have the first 4 issues in one volume and then the rest as individual comics… I’m kind of weird like that.

In the evening some friends came over for a bit of a Christmas party. Where way too much cheese was eaten, but just the right amount of alcohol (responsible drinking and all that). It was all very grown up.

Sunday was a very lazy day. Mostly spent in front of the TV watching rubbish. But me and Murr did meet up to get some grub in the evening at Atomic Burger, one of the best burger joints around!


Murr’s ¬†Weekend –

Well Friday the 13th was my last day at work till next year, so as I type this I’m in bed with my PS4, Xbox360, 3DS and laptop all within close proximity. Alot of geek will take place in the upcoming weeks.

But that’s besides the point. Friday I dived back into Hyrule… My village on Animal Crossing New Leaf. I was nervous as I’d not been on for about 2 months, and I have 3 particular favourite villagers and if they’d got up and left I’d of probably never played the game again… Yes that’s right Ozzie, Rowan and Chief make Hyrule that much greater. Fortunately they’re all still there so I can continue being mayor.

Saturday I received an unexpected invite to a Paul Walker memorial ‘cruise’ in Bristol. The idea being car fanatics meet up, pay respects with a minute silence, then rev their engines for a while and cruise through Bristol. It was fantastic, as expected the smaller boy racer cars were ever present, but there were also some real eye turners such as Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and very well modified Japanese imports. Really enjoyed the cruise too with numerous cars driving through the city. The sound of the engines revving in respect to Paul was truly awesome experience and one my phone camera unfortunately could capture probably enough to do it justice.


Finally to Sunday, which I spent the majority of the day recovering from a hangover. Apparently my fiance found me on the living room floor at 5:00am passed out and the struggled to get to to bed. But once the hangover was over, As Will mentioned we met up for a catch up and awesome food. I’m sure the girls were a little frustrated that Will and I spent the majority of the catch up talking about games and comics… but I’m sure they are used to that by now. Once back I then set up the spare room and prepared it for TLC 2013 Pay per view. It wasn’t the best card for a PPV, but there were some good matches. Daniel Bryan vs Wyatt’s being one of them.

Got to be honest, I didn’t expect Randy Orton to be the unified champion, but there we go. Onwards to Raw tonight!

– Murr

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