Geekly Review #8

Tis the season to be festive… and drunk… and do alot of gaming. Here’s the latest Geekly Review…

Well as I’ve informed you a few times, I’ve been off work since 13th December. In my first week off I picked up 2 new PS3 games. Gran Turismo 5 (yes 5 not 6) and Ni No Kuni. I figure I should go back on a few PS3 games I missed out on and have always fancied playing Ni No Kuni. I’m currently about 5 hours into it and fallen in love with the cut scenes. Well the game itself in general is actually stunning. Gran Turismo 5, I think I’ve spent more time looking at loading and installation bars than I have racing, but when I finally got to spin on it, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far. As well as some back catalogue I’ve also been on NBA2k14 for PS4 ALOT. I’m still so very addicted to it.


My first and favourite familiar

I’ve got to admit to everyone that I have only watched one Lord of the rings film. The first one, and I’ll be honest I didn’t enjoy it, and from then never felt compelled to see the other films. Well I thought seeing as I’ve got so much spare time on my hands to try again. So I took a morning away from gaming to watch the first LoTR film again, the Fellowship. Well I dunno, my feelings for it didn’t really change from my first viewing all those years ago. Not a lot stood out for me. I know this response gets a lot of reaction especially seeing how I love Game of Thrones, Skyrim… fantasy in general. But something about this film just doesn’t grab me. I am however going to continue with the trilogy and watch part 2 & 3 in spare time that becomes available.

I also got managed to catch Anchorman 2 on opening day with 2 friends. I was worried that it wouldn’t live up to the hype and end up being un-funny. I’m happy to say that I didn’t need to worry. There are jokes and humour a plenty in this film. Maybe one criticism I have is Brick. It’s as if they used his stupidity and shouting a bit too much in this film. Kind of like how Alan was used more than needed in the Hangover sequels. They fall on Brick for some quick laughs. Still funny, but I’d rather see more of Brian Fantana.

Friday night was my work Christmas party, so that result meant that Saturday for me was a write off. I just about pulled myself together to watch the New York Knicks lose again, and then a bit of NHL after that. I also enjoyed watching Manchester United get a victory.

Sunday I spent the day in on the sofa with my fiance, we stocked up on standard junk food, closed the curtains by mid-day, had the Christmas lights on and just watched a marathon of Christmas films with the company of our cat.A lovely lazy Sunday. Of course I had to break that up in the evening to watch some NFL.


It’s not Christmas without at least one viewing of Elf

All in all some good time off work, with alot more gaming, movies, drinking and festive fun planned, and to think I’ve still got another 11 days off work 🙂

– Murr

Well I was meant to be off work Thursday and Friday this week, but due to some bad maths, I actually didn’t have any holiday left for the year. This completely ruined my Christmas planning of finishing off my shopping over those two days. But never mind.

I picked up The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 1, on Thursday and managed to get through that over the weekend.


Keep that hair short.

Now the first season was one of my favourite games on Xbox 360, and easily my favourite arcade game. Needless to say I was pretty excited about season 2’s release.

This season sees you play as Clementine. She has grown up a bit now, I’m not sure how old she is meant to be though. Hang on, I will just go and check…. Ok I just Google’d it, and she is meant to be 10.

I won’t spoil anything hear for anyone so don’t worry. But what I will say is season 2 picks up right where season 1 left you, and that is with a sense of bleak, miserable loneliness. Things have been tough for Clem, and they don’t get any easier in  this episode. For a second I thought things might when she finds an abandoned camp, but that glimmer of hope was quickly quashed. And I was yanked back in to feeling extremely sad for Clem. She has however become a lot tougher this season, and can certainly take care of herself, but then you don’t get that far in a zombie apocalypse by being a wimp.

Telltale have really done an excellent job of creating an atmosphere of constant impending doom. And the first episode is a really strong start for season 2. If I had one criticism it would be that I felt it was a bit short. Shorter than the other episodes. But its still brilliant!

I also picked up a couple of new comics, Pretty Deadly Issue #3 and Sheltered Volume 1 (which is issues 1-5 of the comics).

Issue 3 of Pretty Deadly goes in to the back story a little bit more. I’m still not completely convinced I know whats going on. But I do feel a little more ‘in the know’ now. As always the artwork looks amazing and I think that is partly what has made me want to carry on with it. I think if it wasn’t so great, I might have lost some interest.

Sheltered is about a community of people who have been preparing for world ending scenarios, building a life in a confined area with supplies to last for years. But when the actual threat rears its head, it isn’t something anyone would have expected.

So far I’ve read the first 2 issues and I really love it. The story flows really well, and ramps up nicely when I wasn’t expecting it to. Within a couple of pages everything goes from peachy, to fubar!


The rest of my weekend was spent preparing for Christmas, wrapping the last of the presents, getting all the food in, and stocking up on booze! I think I’m ready now all I have to do is get through the next 2 days of work, and then I have 2 weeks off.

Merry Christmas!

– Will

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