Geekly Review #9

Well another week, and Christmas has been and gone. Check out GSRR’s latest and last Geekly review of the year…

Okay so from my last update I’ve already stopped on Ni No Kuni. It’s a curse. Despite enjoying a game I get distracted, and given the time of the year and amount of social-ness that takes place, Gaming got put on hold, at least till boxing day anyways.

Now Christmas morning arrived and I was perhaps a little hungover, but it didn’t last long. Once I opened up my presents from my fiance my hangover was a thing of the past.


My fiance know’s me too well.

Once the presents were exchanged at home between us we went our separate way’s to our own parents house. It’s a tradition that will probably be changing next year seeing as we’ll be married, so went our own ways for the last Christmas.

My parents just literally flat out spoiled me. Can’t deny it or sugar coat it. They really went above and beyond for me this year.

photo  photo (2)

Alot of Halo Mega Blocks and video games. I’m truly grateful for these presents and will make a start onto the games asap. I’ve already started on Tomb Raider and have been really enjoying it.

For New Year i’m hosting a party, So here’s hoping the house doesn’t get trashed like it did last year.

Hope you all had a good Christmas and have a great New Years eve!

Murr –

* Will is currently away for New Year so won’t be adding his thoughts to the Geekly Review this week*

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