Geekly Review #13

Well its Monday again, so its Geekly Review time.

This week we’re going to be doing something a little bit different. We’ve decided to start a new feature where we will show our gaming highlights of the week, and face off against each other for who has the best highlight. The best part about it? Is that YOU are going to decide who’s is the best.

Obviously this is all just a bit of fun, but if it becomes popular, then we just might open it up so that you can submit a clip, and face off against us too.

This week its focusing on Battlefield 4, and our best kill of the week.

Wills Kill of the week

Murrs Kill of the week

Vote for you favourite here!

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Next week, NBA 2K14 – Best play of the week.

So back to the round up.

Friday night I was meant to be going out, but I was feeling a little under the weather, so didn’t in the end. And therefore I stayed in playing BF4, NBA and a little DayZ.

Saturday, I watched the Liverpool game in the early afternoon. Glad they got the win. In truth it was a pretty dull game, Liverpool never really got going, but they did what was needed and progressed to the next round of the FA Cup.

Then Saturday evening, me and Murr went over to our friends house for a good ol’ gaming session! Again more BF4 and NBA was played, junk food was consumed, and a good night was had.

I spent most of Sunday putting in a dishwasher (I know, rock & roll right!). But it is actually amazing finally getting one after 5 years. Then to “celebrate” we went out for some evening grub and the amazing Grillstock. Basically they just do really good slow cooked BBQ style food, and it’s just amazing. I was going to take a picture of my meal to put in here, but got to caught up in the excitement of such delicious food, and remembered a little late… Half my food was gone.

Just before we went for food I managed to take a quick trip to Forbidden Planet (my local comic book shop). I picked up Dead Body Road #2 and Pretty Deadly #4, which I will review later this week.

Once the meal was done and we were home, we watched the pilot for the new series Black Sails, which is executive produced by Michael Bay, something I was unaware of before watching, and had I known might have put me off slightly. Let me just start by saying, Pirates of the Caribbean this is not! It is meant to be a much darker, grittier and realistic take on the world of pirates. There is swearing and everything! The story revolves around Captain Flint who is on the hunt for a ship. But not just any ship, no, no! He is after the Spanish Treasure Galleon that holds a lovely $5 million pay load.


It was a good first episode I though, not outstanding, but there is a fair amount on offer. Mutiny, raiding, fighting, back stabbing, you know, the stuff you would normally expect from a bunch of pirate scallywags! I would just like to mention one thing though. Do pirates take dentists on board there ships? Because all of there teeth were sparkling white! I mean come on, how hard is it to pop in a fake set, or add a bit of make up or something to make your teeth look a bit rubbish. Anyway, super white teeth aside, I did enjoy it, and will be keeping up with it for now.


I had flex day on Friday, so I decided to make a start on another Christmas game and went with Arkham Origins. I played about 2 hours of this and did enjoy it, I like the idea of having to handle assassins and it’s nice to see some more Batman villains get a worthy mention, so looking forward to progressing through this as and when. On the Friday evening 2 of my friends came round and we played a bit of NBA but the PS3 version, and some standard wwe2k14 shenanigans.

On the Saturday I put a few more hours into Batman, and as Will mentioned on the evening we had a nerd night at a friends house and much Battlefied, NBA, WWE & Fifa was played. Was a funny night with some particularly funny botches occurring in WWE2k14.

As for Sunday, well there was a special occasion Sunday evening. It was the WWE Royal Rumble. I’ll be posting results and highlights shortly so stayed tuned for that. But prior to that I watched the Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs followed by the La Lakers vs New York Knick’s games. Glad to see the Knicks win, but after Melo set such high standards on the Friday, I would have liked to see a bigger winning margin for the Knicks.

I also caught some of the New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils game which had an emphatic 7-3 scoreline. When the main event Royal Rumble actually started myself and the 2 chaps accompanying were well and truly hyped for it. It wasn’t a bad PPV.


On top of all the gaming and sports I made sure to watch part 2 of Mob City, and Brooklyn 99, I’ll be catching up with Spoils of Babylon tonight. Got to say I loved the 2nd episode of Mob City, Really really enjoyed the opening 2 weeks, and look forward to more.

I hope you’ll find my kill of the week amusing, but I think Will has it this week.

– Murr

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