The Road to Wrestlemania – Predictions #2

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  1. geekoutsw says:

    Personally, I feel one of those two final opponents is really very deserving of his spot in the Elimination Chamber. Whilst I, sadly, know he will not win – He should be elevated right into the main event scene. I hope you know which one I’m on about here. Looking forward to EC and Wrestlemania, even with some of the part timers taking up the spotlight.

    Hopefully, Undertaker will make his yearly return soon for the streak!

    Also, since you wanted people to point out: You left CM Punk in a Wrestlemania prediction. I personally hope he’ll be back by then as he was, honestly, one of the main reasons I started watching WWE.

    Another great post by you guys 🙂

  2. Murr_GSRR says:

    Thanks for the reply. Yep Undertaker may start teasing his reappearance soon. Heavily rumoured to be fighting Sting. Which would be something.

    Daniel Bryan vs HHH for Mania now seems most likely, Not sure how to feel about that, Was really hoping to see him in a triple threat main event. Still you never know, there’s enough time for the crowd to continue booing the live shows to make a change 😉

    – Murr

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