Geekly Review #14

Ok, so where did that weekend just go? Oh well, what did we get up to?

Well Friday was a friend of mines 30th birthday, and he was the host of a great house party. But before we got there I did manage to squeeze in a bit of time of Broken Age, which I’d picked up on Thursday.


Vella & Shay, two very different lives, somehow linked?

Broken Age is the new point and click adventure game from Tim Schafer and Double Fine. The game sees you play as Vella and Shay, both live in completely opposite worlds. Vella is due to be sacrificed to the Mog Chothra, a giant creature that constantly ravages her world. Shay (voiced by Elijah Wood. I knew his voice was familiar!) Lives onboard a spaceship where he seems to be the only person on board, bar a few random creatures, and a sly fox.  Each day the ships computer, who also appears to be Shays mother, asks him to carry out the most random and pointless missions. Both characters get sick of this life, and decide to make a change.

So far the game is fantastic, and once I have completed it, I will do a more in depth write up of it. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Saturday, I was mainly hung over, so didn’t really move much. The most I could muster was a little bit of BF4, mainly just to take part in the customer appreciation month. Which basically gives you lots of free stuff, and double XP.


One word, Awesome!

Most of my time Sunday was spent doing some shopping, including the usual trip to forbidden planet for new comics! Alas, the only comic I was able to get was Black Science #1. This actually came out back in November, but somehow managed to elude me. I say that because had I been aware of it, I would have picked it up straight away, as it sounded so far up my street, I’m pretty sure the street was named after me.

The series follows Grant McKay who is a former member of the Anarchistic Order of Scientists. Grant has been working on deciphering Black Science, and now that he has done it, he’s opened the world to new dimensions. But what lies in these new worlds is basically hell, and lots of other weird shit.

Basically it’s just awesome. The imagination these people have is just brilliant. I am desperate to read the next 2 issues, which have been release, but they are now apparently sold out pretty much everywhere. But I will not give up that easily! And once I have found them, I will be sure to let you know what I think.

In the evening a few of us went out for some lovely grub at a local Caribbean restaurant (I have definitely done to much eating this weekend!)

– Will

This weekend I had the place to myself on the Friday night, so I had a couple of friend over for some standard beer / fifa / wwe / nba. Numerous games of FIFA it should be said. On the Saturday we had some friends over for food, so I spent the majority of the day tidying the house up. Once they did arrive and after the food had settled we spent the evening playing alot of Wii U. Lots of Game & Wario and NintendoLand.

Also while in the process of tidying the house I did find some time to watch the first of England’s 6 Nations campaign and witness a loss to France that accompanied by a loss for Manchester United… yay

Sunday I was ridiculously hyped for the Superbowl and found time went incredibly slow So to pass time I continued on with Arkham Origins, however I reached my first assassin encounter with Death Stroke and after numerous attempts I could not beat him at all. I checked out video’s how to do it, but I cannot get past him. So I decided to give that game a break, and started Gears of War Judgement. So far… well It’s definitely a Gears game, and feels pretty easy. I liked the declassified missions they give you throughout the main story to add that little more. Can see me completing it rather quickly though as chapter 1 flew by all to fast and easily.

Finally the Superbowl arrived as did a few friends to come and watch it. And truth be told that’s why today’s Geekly Review is a little late today as I’ve just got up myself 🙂   It was an awesome and completely unexpected smashing of the Bronco’s by the Seahawks. 12 seconds into the match and points on the board to Seattle thanks to a massive hiccup by Denver. That honestly set the standard for the rest of the game. Denver were so prone to mistakes. It was a walkover really for Seattle.

As I was watching it on a British Broadcast I missed out on all the new movie trailers, so I’ll be shortly catching up with them.


– Murr

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