DayZ Diaries #2

When I left Hugo last, we had just finished my first round of looting in Msta. It was a pretty disappointing haul, and I only had the bare minimum to survive.

My next destination was Staroye which was about 1km away. So I made a start on getting over there. At the moment DayZ is pretty unpopulated, in terms of zombies, so most journeys to and from places seem to be pretty stress free. I was able to enjoy my surroundings and take in the view whilst making the trek.



I approached Staroye from the south west, and immediately noticed a zombie. Yup, another zombie patrol! I applied the same tactic as before, although this time I had to pretty much get in his face before he noticed me. I think this was because he was checking out a local garage. Something on the wall of it had obviously been of interest. All of a sudden he turned to me, “Oh hey, didn’t see you there. Were trying to sneak up on me with an axe?”, “No, I don’t have any weapons, so you better come and chase me.” A high speed pursuit ensued. I ducked in and out of trees to lose him. “Where are you? I just want a hug.”, I’m pretty sure he said that anyway… After a minute or so I’d lost him, or at least I thought I had. I started searching houses, and then heard him right outside the front door. He wanted in. Luckily I usually close doors when I go in houses, and I made a hasty exit out a back door. But he wasn’t giving up that easily. I had to run to the north of the town, and basically give up on looting the south side.

Now that I had some relative peace and quiet, I was free to check the houses. I soon found a spade, at last a weapon. Not the best, but it’s better than nothing.┬áThe rest of the houses didn’t really have much.

A barn on the outskirts was my last destination for Straoye. As I walked in, I could see there were a few bits lying around. A hoodie was one of them, this means more space for loot! Next I found a first aid kit, so ditched my old damaged bandage to make a bit of space. The last item was a box of cereal. As I was getting hungry by this point, I ate the whole box right there and then. Finally things were looking up for Hugo! He had a full stomach, a nice shiny spade, and…. oh, right “I’m thirsty”. Again? Ok, to be fair, he had just eaten an entire box of cereal, so I’m not surprised he was thirsty. My canteen was full, so I was able to deal with the thirst quickly.

DayZ Map Journey So Far2

Hugos Journey So Far

I swiftly moved on north to Shakhovka, again the place was empty. I’m starting to see a theme here… A quick dash through the forest brought me out just East of Guglovo. Time to search again.


Least effective weapon ever

The very first place I entered had a pair of handcuffs, but I didn’t have enough room for them, so had to leave them behind. As I ventured further in to town, the obligatory 1 zombie per town appeared. And I tell you what, he was determined! I thought I would put my spade to use, as losing him was proving ineffective. WORST. IDEA. EVER! I may as well have been hitting him with a towel, that had just been washed with a whole bottle of fabric softener. Due to the utter uselessness of the spade, Mr Zombie had managed to hit me and make me bleed. So now, not only did I need to lose him, but I needed enough space between us to be able to bandage myself.

I found a hunting tower, and climbed the ladder to bandage myself. Mr Zombie was now just hanging around underneath grumbling because he couldn’t reach me. After a quick taunt, I dashed down the ladder and off in to the distance.

I soon made it to the outskirts of Novy Sobor. I seriously hope there is something good here, because next I’m on to Stary Sobor, and then heading to the North West airfield, and if I get there with just a spade, then Hugo is going to die. Simple as that.


Novy Sobor, with Stary Sobor in the distance, will this be Hugos resting place?

– Will

Episode 3

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