Geekly Review #15

Back in our 13th Geekly Review, we started our weekly highlights thing, Murr managed to win this one by 1 vote. We forgot to do it last weekend, doh. But this time we have remembered. And its going to be our best play in  NBA 2K14.

Wills Fast Break

Murrs Slam

Can I just point out the difference in video quality there, Xbox One vs PS4. Xbox One wins! 😛

Anyway vote for your favourite here!

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Ok back to the round up!

Friday night me and Murr went over to a friend’s house for some gaming, I mostly played BF4, but also had a dabble in Fifa.

Saturday morning, pretty much as soon as I got up, I downloaded The Wolf Among Us Episode 2. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this for quite a while, and it was meant to be out mid week, but due to some issues, it was slightly delayed. This just made the wait worse.


Bigby the big bad badass…

Once it was downloaded, I made a start on it straight away. Telltale are brilliant at story driven adventure games, and this continues with Smoke and Mirrors, more tough decisions to make, gritty story telling and gruesome scenes. I shall be doing a more in depth write up later on in the week.

I had to stop playing The Wolf Among Us just gone midday, this was to watch the football. Now normally we don’t talk much about sport on here, even though we are both very much in to football. But I can’t not talk about it after Saturdays performance. Liverpool absolutely annihilated Arsenal. The first 20 minutes was some of the best football I’ve seen. To be 4-0 up against the league leaders in 20 minutes was crazy. I couldn’t quite believe what I was watching.

Then… uhh our bath got blocked up, which was nice. After unblocking it, it was time for a little more DIY. Now I’m not the most handy when it comes down to it, but I can do the odd thing, as long as its basic enough. Putting up pictures and coat hooks was within my remit. I mention this because it is kind of relevant to the blog. I have decided that I want to frame some of my favourite comic covers, and put them up on the wall. See even DIY can be Geeky! I don’t really have anything else I would want to put in frames, but wanted to put ‘my mark’ on it a little, so it wasn’t all just my girlfriends doing. And I thought this was a good way to do it. Plus some of the artwork is definitely worthy of being framed.

In the evening, me and my girlfriend went over to our friends for a takeaway and a few drinks.

Sunday we got up, and got home from our friends. Did the weekly shop nice and early, so we could lounge around of the sofa for the rest of the day.

We watched Blades of Glory. It seemed appropriate seeing as the winter Olympics started this weekend. Woo 1 medal so far! Well done Jenny Jones.

I then got back on the games. I ended up completing The Wolf Among us, which typically ended on a big cliff hanger. I really enjoyed it, but felt it was pretty short.

Then I got around to completing Broken Age. Whilst I did kind of see the twist coming, I did still really like it, and loved the way it ended. I’m very much looking forward to Act 2.

As Will mentioned above, on the Friday we were over a friends house gaming. I opted to not take my PS4 with me but only the 360. I’ve found myself going through a bit of a gaming boost lately again. So I went back over some of the more easily attained achievements from WWE13 and Gears of War Judgement. I then had a spell on FIFA14 which also netted me some nice points. Just shy of 20 achievements unlocked in one evening wasn’t a bad result at all.

Saturday I was particularly excited for as there was a ‘lads’ day planned consisting of watching sport, drinking beer and … drinking beer. Starting with the Liverpool demolition of Arsenal at a friends place with a few beers, we then moved onto the pub for Rugby and alot more drinking. This soon escalated to playing darts which was rather dangerous given some of the choice methods of throwing the darts. But boys will be boys I guess.

By 8pm everyone was already pretty worse for ware, so a quick pitstop to a takeaway then back to the next and final pub of the night. More alcohol consumed, I managed to get back onto Jaeger bombs some 2 months after my last night on them (ending very badly). Much dancing and being stupid. It was a fun day & Night.

Sunday funnily enough I wasn’t feeling that bad. I did the food shop and we had my inlaws over for food. That was havoc having a 1 1/2 year old running around with chocolate covered fingers pressing buttons on my ps3 and using the wii sensor bar as a lasso… keep calm… keep calm… he’s only a toddler… massive plastic smile on my face while inside i’m fearing for my consoles life.

This is why my fiancee and I don’t plan on kids for a while yet 😉

Once the family had gone, it was watching Manchester United drop points again followed by New York Knicks getting outclassed by Durant and the Thunder. Wrapped up another fun weekend, where gaming took a backseat.

– Murr

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