DayZ Diaries #4: Hero

Last time round, I had just reached the North West airfield, in hopes of finding guns, and other survivors.

Circling the outskirts of the NW airfield, I could see the control tower – a sniper hot spot usually, I don’t notice any immediate threats. The server is relatively empty at the moment, but to assume that those people wouldn’t be in my vicinity would be naive. I make my way towards the hangers, and check each one. Bits of ammo, and the odd supply is all I find. I head in to the control tower and firestation, nothing too useful. I move on to the barracks. Here I find myself an SKS, I already have bullets for it, so finally I have a gun that I can use. I now feel a lot safer knowing I can actually put up a decent fight over some distance.

DayZ NWAir

Patrolling the outskirts of the airfield

There is another army camp north of the airfield,  I find a ballistic helmet and a gas mask, Hugo now looks like the real deal. I dispatch all the nearby zombies them all with my axe, I don’t want to waste my precious ammo. I start to make my way back South, towards Vybor. Hopefully I will run in to some survivors there.

I get to Vybor, and there is no one around, “Where is everyone?” I say to myself, I’m now on a full server, so would expect to be seeing a few people around this area. I decide to make one more trip around the airfield, and if I still don’t find anyone, I will make to long journey South towards the big cities.

Once again I cross the airfield, I search the control tower, and fire station, did I just hear someone moving around outside? Probably just a zombie. As I climb the tower in the fire station, a voice calls out, “Hello, are you friendly?” My heart starts to race a little, this is the first person I have encountered in my time playing. I responded with a yes. “Can you help me out? I’ve broken my legs, and need morphine.” I notice he is on top of the tower led down and has spotted me through the window. I have some morphine on me, so decide to help him out. He offers me ammo in exchange. I fix his broken legs with the morphine I have, we swap ammo, and decide to team up for a little bit.

DayZ JMc1

Me and my new friend John McCheese

Once we are done swapping ammo, we decide to check out the remaining buildings in the airfield together. We stock up on a few more supplies, then plan on where we should head next. We make the decision to head South towards Cherno. We take some time out to plan our route, and have something to eat and drink. Its going to be a long run.

Dayz JMc2

Planning our route with AA route finder

Now that we are both rejuvenated, we make a start on our trip. Sweeping down the West side of the airfield keeping an eye out for anyone. Along the way we get to know each other a little bit better, and tell tales of our journeys so far. John had apparently been travelling with another friend when his accident happened. Neither of them had morphine, so his friend went off to find some. He never came back. John had been stuck at the airfield for hours.

Once we reach the outskirts of Vybor, we decide to quickly run through the town to restock on the supplies we just used up. Nothing but a few zombie trouble us, and we can both easily take them, as we’re pretty well armed now, me with my SKS, and John with his M4. We check the supermarket, some houses and garages. Then we move on to a school. John takes the ladder up on the outside of the building, “Shit!” he calls out. “What, what happened?” I reply. “I broke my legs again.” Some how he had managed to break his legs getting off the ladder at the top -got to love DayZ. “I’ve already used my morphine to save you once…” He crawls inside the school, hoping for some morphine, but nothing. We don’t know if there is a hospital nearby, but I do know there’s an army base close. I tell John I’m going to head there and look for morphine.

I get to the base, no morphine, but lots of guns… Yea now I find loads of guns, typical. I inform John that I’ve got nothing, and it will be complete pot luck if we find any morphine. I offer two options. Option 1, I go off, and look for morphine with no guarantee how long it could take. Option 2, I put John out of his misery. He deliberates his options whilst I head back to him. Once I get to him he has made up his mind. “Look up.” He says, Im just outside the school, I see an undressed John perched precariously on the edge of the building, he jumps. Its over. I’m alone again. His last words were “Take what you want.”

DayZ JMc3

Johns supplies

What now for Hugo? The long journey South!

– Will

Episode 5

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