Geekly Review #19

Morning fellow Geeks, Another Monday morning is upon us, and with that another Geekly Review!

Well as you may be aware from previous posts I’m getting closer to the day I have my MySQL Professional exams, in fact they are at the end of this week, and I’ve been avoiding gaming, tv, life as I’ve been trying to study on evenings after work. Well the weekend just gone, I decided to give my mind a rest and go back to having a normal-ish fun weekend.

Friday night I felt some what nostalgic so decided to play some F Zero GX, I set up the Wii in the spare room, cleared some room on the old Gamecube Cards and started it up. Man I forgot just how incredibly fast this game is, And how glorious it still looks all these years later. After a few races I went back to the old classic Football Manager till I eventually decided to call it a night.


Still holds up today

Saturday given it was the first decent day of the year I thought I’d get out in the garden and tidy it up a little bit. get prepared for a summer of BBQ’s hopefully! One of my work colleagues was also getting married about 5 minutes away from where I live, so I took a walk over to the venue and waited for them to come out to congratulate them. I was told I could make an appearance for the record, I don’t just crash weddings :oP

The afternoon I met up with a few mates for some pub garden beers that went down incredibly well and then onto another friends house that night for a house party. 3am I ended up finding my bed.

Sunday I didn’t feel too bad actually., Managed to get a food shop done, and meet up with one of my best men for the England vs Wales rugby which was a good result, unfortunately all of Wales points resulted in fouls given away from England, quite a frustrating stat.

After that It was just chilling on the sofa with my fiancee as another weekend dropped and we get closer to our wedding.

So yeah Afraid to have to say it again, but I can’t imagine my next few Geekly Reviews will be all that informational as even once the exams are done, it’s a case of wedding related weekends scheduled ahead (as well as a stag weekend!!!)

– Murr

Again this weekend wasn’t much of a Geeky one, but with the weather like it was, it would have been a little wrong to sit inside the whole time playing games.

On Saturday, as it was such a lovely day, me and Meg decided to pop in to town for some lunch and a drink down on the harbour side. You’d been forgiven for thinking it was the middle of the summer. People were out in droves in their (slightly premature) summer wear. One of the reasons why I love living so close to the city centre – we can just about walk it, if we’re not feeling lazy and there are so many great places to eat. We opted for Bagel Boy, Bristols best bagel! Although I’m pretty sure they are the only bagel people around. Anyway, they are delicious. Once we had devoured our lunch we went for a quick drink and sat on the harbour wall basking in the sunshine.


Oooo Dat Sunshine!

In the evening Meg was out DJing for her local radio show and the International Womens day special, which meant game time for me! I hopped on to DayZ for a little while, and made some more progress on that.

Sunday was a pretty big deal for Rugby in the UK, England vs Wales. Before kickoff there was a quick trip to the ‘in laws’ (not that they are actually my in laws) for a roast. Then we all went to the pub to watch the game. And a good game it was, mainly because England won it, and this means they still have a good chance for winning the Six Nations!

I was tempted to pick up South Park over the weekend, but held off, due to me not really thinking I would get much time to play it. So maybe this week.

This week also sees Titanfall finally drop, so expect a Titanfall filled Geekly review next week! *sits and waits patiently for Titanfall*

– Will

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