Geekly Review #22

Another Monday, another Geekly Review… wait its Tuesday? What the….

This week’s Geekly Review was delayed slightly this week as Monday was a recovery day. Unfortunately for me, it was recovery from flu, not being hungover after a stag do, like Murr.

You may or may not have noticed that we were pretty quiet last week, that was mainly due to me being ill all week and weekend, and Murr being busy at work before his mini break. With me succumbing to the dreaded man flu last week, I was too ill to attend Murrs stag do, something that I’m very, very annoyed about. I know what you’re thinking though, “At least you had time to play video games.” Nope, too ill to do that too. I was only well enough to lie very still and watch TV.


Over the course of Friday and Saturday I made a fresh start on watching Falling Skies, something that I started to watch a while back, but then just stopped for some reason. The show is about mankind trying to survive after aliens invaded the planet and basically wiped a heck of a lot of people out. It’s not the best show I’ve seen, but so far – about 5 episodes in, I’ve enjoyed it. I guess it must be something about post apocalyptic-esc shows that I like, because I’m always drawn to them, and this one is no different. I like seeing people’s imagining of what the world would look like if a catastrophic event happened, and with Falling Skies I like the world they have created following the invasion.

Saturday evening I got around to watching Enders Game, a film which I have been interested in for a while now. Again it’s about aliens invading earth, but with Enders Games, they manage to fight them off. Now it is time to be ready for when they return sometime in the future. To help them prepare, the military set up a programme whereby they train children from a very early age in the ‘arts’ or war and combat strategies. Andrew ‘Ender’ Wiggin is one particularly gifted child and is seen as being the one to lead them to victory.

It was a pretty good film, but I don’t really get the need to use kids? Fine if they train them for 20 years, and then send them off to battle or whatever. But Ender is trained for what seems like a couple of years, if that, until he is deemed ready. So if it only takes a couple of years to become that good, why use kids at all? Maybe I just missed something, but it just seems a bit odd to me.

Come Sunday I was starting to feel much better, and got back to a bit of gaming with some NBA, which I’m now totally hooked on. I also made time to watch the Malaysian GP, a write up of which you can read hear.


Snake, back in action…. for a little bit.

I also grabbed Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes seeing as it was cheap. As you probably you know, MGS: GZ is pretty short, it only took me about two hours to complete the main mission. But once done my completion percentage was only at 9%, so there is still a lot left to do, including various side missions, collectables to gather etc… Despite it being short, it still really enjoyed it, and it has made me a lot more interested in Phantom Pain, which before I was very ‘meh’ about. A good stealth game is always great fun, and GZ has pulled it off, it’s fun, but can still be challenging at times trying not to get caught, or trying to execute the perfect takedown without alerting anyone. I expect the game to drop in price quite dramatically, and being a real bargain, I would definitely recommend picking it up at some point.


I can’t really report too much Geekly Activity this for the weekend as I was taken to Bournemouth with my friends for my Stag Do. Unfortunately Will couldn’t make it which was a real shame due to an illness that kept him from work all week.

The stag do itself was exactly what you’d expect a stag do to be. I was dressed in a yellow lederhosen and nothing else with a 2 litre bottle of cider duck taped to my hand and ordered to drink it. That was to start proceedings.

In terms of Geeky things that happened we did play a round of Laser Quest very unexpectedly which was amusing. More so to run around the corner and see a member of my team, and a member of the enemy team firing their laser guns into the air raving to the trance music that was blaring. It was a very amusing moment.

Saturday and a lot of money down we went clay pigeon shooting and rage buggy driving, both which were brilliant fun. I managed to snap the front right axel of my buggy leaving the wheel hanging off and completely unusable. Fortunately I didn’t have to pay for damages.

The evening was pretty much a take 2 of the first night with much more boozing and a late night trip to KFC and the seaside.

Sunday was Mother’s day so once I got home, I got my act together to get over to her house and give her flowers, after departing it was back home to watch the F1 and spend some time with my fiancée. In bed by 8pm and not waking up till 9:30am the next morning. A much needed rest.


MGS: GZ Looks stunning

I had the Monday off work to recover, and seeing as pay day occurred during my stag do, went out to spend some monies. I came back with Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros for PS4, Wall:E and Wreck it Ralph. MGS Installed practically instantly and away I went with that. My completion time was just shy of 2 hours. But I did enjoy it and will be playing it over again to complete the unlocked side quests. After that I decided to watch South Park Imaginationland again as It’d been a while since I last saw it. Still holds up as a very funny South Park trilogy, I’d like to see Black Friday and Coon & Friends bundled into one DVD Movie.

That’s about all I’ve got to say of the weekend, looking forward to the upcoming weekend for WWE Wrestlemania XXX (No not a porn parody of WWE, but the actual biggest PPV on the calendar) so expect results from that next week.

– Murr

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