Geekly Review #23

Ok, these weekends are going way to quickly at the moment. What is that all about?

Friday night I popped over to see a friend of mine for a night of Titanfall and BF4. Whilst I do really enjoy Titanfall, I can never seem to win a game, and this trend continued on Friday. We tried working as a team as much as possible, but it just didn’t seem to work. Maybe our team mates were just completely inept, but surely they can’t be like that every game? I think we may have won one game the whole night, I just don’t get it? It’s not like we are terrible players, sometimes we were carrying the team just to try and stay in a game.


My thoughts exactly with Titanfall

We mostly played Hard point, and would focus our efforts on holding one objective, and letting the rest of the team work on the others. This didn’t work, we could easily hold down an objective on our own, but god knows what everyone else was doing… As soon as we would leave the objective to work on another we would lose the first one. It was like our team mates were headless chickens just running around doing nothing.

Pro tip by the way, wall hanging is the best for Hard point! No one ever seems to think about it, and hardly spots you. I completely dominated one objective on Boneyard, by using cloak and wall hanging, and ended up being able to holdĀ  one objective pretty much the whole match. Ok, I know some of you will think that is camping, but if the enemy doesn’t learn, then they deserve it. If you are stupid enough to keep running in blind, then it’s your own fault.


An all to familiar screen

After getting annoyed with losing we gave up, and moved on the Battlefield. Straight away it just feels like a more ‘team’ oriented game. The use of vehicles, and spawning on team mates obviously helps this. We formed a pretty good tank partnership, as we normally do.

Can we just talk about Floodzone for a second as well. Why, when playing conquest, are the enemy team so obsessed with getting on top of the buildings and sniping? You aren’t going to win, and if you just want to get kills, play a different game mode… In these situations I just like to counter snipe, and wait for them to pop their heads over the side of the buildings. Never have headshots been so easy! Then they respawn up there and do the same… Why? You are just giving away free headshots to me, whilst I capture objectives and win…


Thanks for the free headshots!

Anyway, that’s a lot of ranting. That was my Friday night.

The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy, Saturday we lounged around watching TV, I played a little NBA, and after been so rubbish on it for ages, I’m actually getting pretty good. I’ve managed to get the Cav’s up the table, and we are sitting 8th I think. Which is a massive improvement of where we were a while back. I’veĀ  become somewhat a 3 point expert on it, and can sink them all day long now.

Saturday night I met up with Murr for a few drinks in town. What was meant to be a few drinks, turned in to quite a lot… funny how that happens.

Sunday I was a little hungover, so again moved myself to the sofa, and continued watching American Horror Story, we are on to Asylum now. Man that show is crazy.

– Will

Friday night I finally got to see Captain America: Winter Soldier. Now I know I tend to say this about each new Marvel film I see, but damn this one was awesome. I’d actually throw it out there and say the best film after the Avengers. Really, really enjoyed it. There were so many twists and turns on it, and it’s setting up Avengers 3 incredibly. It’s going to look so different, I can’t wait.


Saturday I had a rather lazy day, but ended up going out as Will mentioned for some drinks with my brother, and yes it got a bit out of hand and ended up being more than a few pints. Was a good night though, as we ended up in a pub blaring out metal music having a bit of a reminisce about the old school music days.

Sunday I spent a long time in bed recovering. I didn’t show my face to my fiance till 2pm, so I’d caught on my sleep which I’d need for Wrestlemania. I got my act together and went snack shopping. I then watched the Bahrain Grand Prix which was one heck of an entertaining race. This finished in perfect timing for me to watch the New York Knicks vs Miami Heat, in which the Knicks lost and further blew their chance of making the playoffs. After that I played Infamous as my friends coming over wanted to see it in action. A bit of WWE2k14 to get in the mood and finally the pre-show followed by the main event. It was an awesome Wrestlemania and results will up shortly.

Monday and a day off to recover will be spent playing more Infamous.

– Murr

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