F1 2014: Round 3 Bahrain

A Slight delay in getting the results up for this, but resources were limited Sunday and Monday due to late nights for Wrestlemania and days off work Monday to recover and write up Mania results.

With that out of the way, let’s get to Bahrain.

Well as you can see our predictions for the Quali were shockingly far off. Aside from the Silver Arrows locking out the front row we were both quite far off the mark.

But at least I got the top 2 results correct and Mr Ricciardo in 4th correct in terms of the race result. Will wasn’t far off with Hulkenberg finishing 5th with him predicting a 4th finish for the Hulk.

As for the race itself, well it was very much 2 different races going on. The battle for 1st and 2nd some 24 seconds ahead of the rest of the grid, and a battle for the best of the rest. Jenson Button commented before the race that the first 2 was already a lock and the grid would be battling for 3rd and he was correct in that.

The Mercedes currently look in such amazing form. In the 2 drivers they have too, the experience is there to see them deliver the cars home in maximum point positions.

The battle for the final podium position was exciting throughout the race and wasn’t ever clear as Ricciardo was catching Perez all the way to the final corner on the final lap. I’m rather pleased for Perez to get this podium as it’ll do his confidence wonders. I can imagine the thrill of being at McLaren to then only be dropped the next season couldn’t of been the greatest feeling for him. But there wasn’t really any doubt that Perez is a good driver, he proved this in the Sauber the season before McLaren snatched him up, and he’s proved it again in Bahrain. It just show’s that McLaren couldn’t offer anything competitive enough last season.

Speaking of McLaren is was a dreadful day at the office for them as both drivers had to retire with faults on the cars. Would of liked to see the McLarens finish in the points but there is still a long way to go this season. Force India made up for the spaces McLaren left finishing respectfully well in 3rd and 5th Place.

Williams will probably feel they should have been in the Force India positions, but after the safety car they just didn’t find the way back through the field. But it’s got to be always encouraging for them to finish ahead of the Ferrari’s.

A particular highlight was hearing over the team radio that Ricciardo was quicker than Seb, so Seb had to oblige and let his team mate past him to release him for that podium chase.

One rather hairy moment was seeing the Sauber of Esteben Guitierez flip upside down. From looking back on replays it looks like the nose of the Lotus of Maldonado was the deciding factor on flipping the car. Something that surely won’t sit well given the noses have been lowered this season to try and increase safety.

The race for P1 and P2 was truly exciting once the safety car had gone in. Hamilton just had enough to edge his team mate, but there were numerous position changes. It looked like they would make contact on many occasions, but the professionalism of both drivers showed as each pass or defense left just enough space. A message was put down the radio of each Mercedes and it was the same message “Bring the cars home”. Not a team order, but just a reminder to each driver to bring the points home.

The celebrations at the end between Nico and Lewis showed just how much they enjoyed that tussle over the final laps. Very energetic and playful, it’s good to see it’s currently working out for them, but Nico expressed on the mic after it’s frustrating finishing behind Lewis. I wonder if he meant just Lewis or if finishing behind anyone would of frustrated him. I’m sure the team spirit won’t fall apart just yet, but if both drivers are close battling towards the end of the season, the relations may fall apart.

Driver of the day for me has to be Perez. He got a invaluable podium position for Force India and a much needed personal confidence booster.


Playful now, but will it be later on in the season..

– Murr


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