Geekly Review #24

Another weekend bites the dust, with that the latest Geekly Review of the weekends shenanigans…

I found out rather late on Friday afternoon that my fiancee was going to be heading to London with work that night and she wouldn’t be back till sometime round 2am. So with that I did what most would do in that situation, throw a last minute gaming session. And that’s what happened, a few of my chums came over and we played some Xbox360. Few casual games of FIFA and some rather epic matches on WWE2k14, of which one TLC match took about 50 minutes to finish. By 1:30am everyone was gone and I had to make the drive to my fiancee’s work to pick her up.

Saturday one of my friends wife was celebrating her birthday, So we headed over to their place for some pre night out drinks as you do, and attempted making a beer can tower (standard), it failed. It’s funny how you think you have the most intellectual conversations when you’ve had a few beers, as I can remember some in depth conversations about space, technology, the cosmos… all mind blowing stuff normally, but after a few beers it’s another level. The walk home from the pub some hours later we detoured to Domino’s and that was the Saturday.

Sunday feeling pretty good despite the night before, I went into town with my best men to pick up a few last minute things, turns out we didn’t end up getting any of the stuff we set out to get, so will have to resort to online shopping for that. I watched some of the Liverpool vs Man City game at the pub with some friends, and then went to Atomic Burger with another group for some damn tasty food. Once back from Atomic burger I ended up watching 7 episodes of series 16 of South Park in bed, and falling asleep by about 10:30pm. The night before had caught up.

It wasn’t the Geekiest of weekends, but was still good fun nonetheless, next weekend is a bumper 4 day weekend thank’s to bank holidays, so hopefully can make the most out of that time off for some further Geeky activities.

– Murr

Friday night a few of us went to Steak Of The Art. Which as you may have guessed from the name of it, is a steak restaurant. But aside from just being a place to eat steak, it is also an art gallery, weird right? But it actually works really well. Each seating booth has its own little identity of artiness going on. One booth is completely carved from wood, another covered in paint. It’s really cool. But I didn’t go there just to look at some art, oh hell no! I went to eat steak, and the steak was… delicious! I opted for a fillet steak, because I’m so fancy of course, with some big ol chips to go on the side. It was gone in about 4 minutes. We then went on for some drinks. But when it got to about 1-1:30 I was pretty knackered from a busy week at work, so decided to call it a night.

Steak of the art

Much Steak, So Art, WOW!

Saturday was pretty lazy, I played some of episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us. It’s pretty much back with a bang.  But as usual everyone still hates Bigby. What does the guy have to do to catch a break? Ok, he ripped someone’s arm off in anger, but… forgive and forget? It’s actually starting to annoy me a  little now. I won’t spoil anything, but near the beginning of the episode, Bigby needs to speak with Snow, now she is doing something pretty important, so I didn’t interrupt her. I waited patiently for her to finish, and then said, “Hey, I need to speak with you urgently.” As soon as anyone spots Bigby, they are all like “Oh, what the hell are you doing here.” “Get lost.” Etc, etc…. I was being nice the whole time, but still everyone was just being a dick. Everyone thinks everything is Bigby’s fault. But I think he is just misunderstood. But its getting to the point where I don’t care who I piss off now, and I might just start being an A-hole to everyone.

Anyway, kind of went off on a little rant there. I haven’t finished the episode, but it’s still really good, and has ramped up the tension a little more already compared to the previous episodes. The game still suffers from a bit of lag every now and then. I don’t know what it is, but it seems to be a staple of Telltale games now, its not a huge bother, and it only usually happens at the beginning of a scene. I still can’t wait to play the rest of it, so that’s a good sign, I just hope people start to come around to my ‘good deeds’ a little more now.



As Sunday rolled around, as Murr mentioned, we went shopping. But more importantly, it was the Liverpool vs Man City game. Some people billing it as “the title decider”, probably a little premature if you ask me but whatever. The game didn’t disappoint, it was epic, it was a cup final without the trophy, it was just nonstop. Liverpool went 2-0 up before half time, but City got back to 2-2 within the first 20 minutes of the 2nd half. But then the little Brazilian wonder himself, Coutinho popped up with the winning goal just over 10 minutes from time. I was pretty happy to say the least.

Me and Meg also had a bit of a Wes Anderson love in this weekend, after watching The Grand Budapest Hotel recently. We then watched The Royal Tenebaums, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Both are a bit barking mad, but that’s what Wes Anderson is like.

Roll on the short week, for the Easter weekend woo!

– Will

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