Geekly Review #25

You’ve got to love a bank holiday weekend! 4 day weekend all for ‘free’.

Friday was a bit of a day of rest, catching up on some sleep, and basically unwinding from work. I think we watched Frozen Planet most of the day, and you can’t beat a good nature programme! I also got back on to Ryse: Son of Rome. Yea I know, I haven’t actually completed it yet. You know what, the more I play the game, the more I like it. But as the weather was pretty nice Friday we couldn’t just sit inside all day, so we did venture out for a while.

On Saturday we went in to town for some lunch, you know treat yourselves it’s the weekend after all! We went to a place called Small Bar, basically they do a handful of different sandwiches, and they are BEASTLY! They taste awesome too. I opted for a slow roasted pulled pork shoulder. Then we ended up having a quiet night in for the rest of the day. I played a little more Ryse, oh and I also got Trials Fusion, so have been playing that a lot over the weekend. Man that game is fun, but it is also extremely frustrating at times. I’ve been trying to beat my Xbox Live friends times online, and have managed to beat Mileson over at What’s Your Tag? in a few events, I’m not sure he has noticed though, or if he even cares? I was going to upload some clips of the game, but seeing as I’ve been having internet problems all weekend, I couldn’t.

Small Bar

Yes, that is Mac & Cheese in a Spiderman cup

As Sunday rolled around we were heading over to Murrs for a BBQ, typically it was raining. But we are British! We BBQ in any weather. We persisted, and it was good.

Once we got home we got around to watching Fargo, which is a new Channel 4 crime drama/black comedy based on the 1996 film of the same name. Now I haven’t actually seen the film, so don’t know how closely it resembles it. But the TV version follows Lester Nygaard, played by Bilbo Bag… Martin Freeman, an insurance salesman who doesn’t really seem to have a lot going for him. His wife pretty much hates him, he still gets bullied by the same school bullies. Then Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton), who is some kind of drifter hitman type, comes to Lester’s little town, they meet in hospital, after Lester gets a broken nose, they discuss how it happened. Lester explains it was something to do with high school bully Sam Hess. Lorne suggests he should kill Sam. From here on in, things get pretty dark and pretty tense.


Lester and Lorne

On Monday I spent most of my time playing Xbox, Trials, and NBA mostly. I’m quickly becoming a bit of a pro on NBA now. But somehow I’m still not in the Cavs starting line up, I mean how is Carrick Felix seen as better than me? I’m better in every area… what do I have to do?! Surely a starting place cant be far away for me now.

I made sure to make some time in the evening to catch up with Game of Thrones as well. After last weeks episode, this one was a little slower. But still great. Daenerys continues to be more and more badass each episode. Having read the books up to the first few chapters of A Dance with Dragons, I do know most of the major plot lines that are coming up, but as it was a while ago when I read it, I don’t remember all the details, so its still pretty exciting. The worst part is having to wait a week for the next episode.

Anyway, I’m off to write a best man speech.

– Will

Yes, back to the grind after a 4 day weekend. Saving grace for me is that this week is a 3 day work week.

Friday I went into town with my fiancee picking up some last minute stuff for our honeymoon, shirts, shorts, sun glasses… exciting stuff. I then met up with my dad and some friends for the casual afternoon pint…or 5. From there my fiancee and I decided to have a quiet one, so borrowed Frozen from one of my best men and watched that. I’d heard so much praise that I had been expecting more of it, However I think i’d built the hype up too much for it and found it some what disappointing, I still believe that Tangled was better.

Saturday wasn’t that exciting as I had to tidy the place up in preparation for our gathering the next day, I did manage to squeeze some time in to play some GTA5. I’d missed Los Santos so felt the urge to have a couple of care free hours causing havoc, exploring some more. I still love this game, and if we ever get an announcement of PS4 port, i’d definitely double dip and replay it again. That night I watched This Is the End again for the first time since the cinema. I still really enjoyed it especially Danny McBride’s cum rant.

Sunday as Will mentioned was BBQ Day and it was the worst weather all weekend, typically. However we did get the fire in the rain, sheltered by a massive parasol. Once the food was done the party carried on indoors, but the drinking from 1pm till midnight caught up with all of us and the party fizzled out by midnight.

Finally the Monday we had another BBQ but just the inlaws were over for this one. Once they’d gone I felt the urge to go through Walking Dead again, so started and finished Season 1 of this. I started season 2 and carried on up till 10pm, but After a weekend of late nights and drinking I called it a night, The last thing I read was that Manchester United may be parting ways with Manager David Moyes, turns out it was true.

I didn’t get chance to catch up with Game of thrones of the F1 this weekend unfortunately,

This upcoming weekend is the big day, I’m finally getting married, so for 3 weeks i’ll be leaving all the articles in the capable hands of Will. No results for WWE Extreme Rules though 🙁

Speak to you in 3 weeks.

– Murr

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