watch_dogs multiplayer trailer

Yesterday saw the release of a new video for watch_dogs showing off the multiplayer side of the game. The 9 minute demo showcases how you can hack in to other peoples games, and shows how the companion app will work in multiplayer, where by the app user can create a car chase scenario by controlling the police to track down the in game player. There is also a competitive ‘Decryption Combat’ mode shown, in which a team must infiltrate an area guarded by other players, steal a file and decrypt it. Check out the trailer below courtesy of Ubisoft.

I’m now starting to get really excited for this game, and I’m loving each new bit of info that gets shown for it. I really like the idea of being able to hack in to other peoples games and disrupt their activities, and the competitive mode sounds pretty fun too.



The competitive multiplayer is looking promising

Watch_dogs drops on 27th May, and I for one will be buying it day one, will you?

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  1. It feels like this game is so old already, but it’s not even out. Looking forward to finally getting my hands on it, and just hope the delays have been worth it. Sure they will have though.

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