Sony To Lose More Than Expected

Sony have just announced that they are due to lose nearly $200 million more than originally expected at the end of the financial year. The company is now expecting to have a net loss of around $1.27 billion. Compare this to Microsoft recently announcing profits of around $5.66 billion, and things don’t sound so good for Sony. The increase in loses has been attributed to its decision to sell its PC business, and unforeseen expenses associated with this.

Games Industry have a full article on it.

Will this have an effect on the PlayStation brand? Probably not. But if people start to think that Sony could go under, which I’m sure some will however unlikely it may be, then I think it could result in a shift of sales towards Microsoft, and no doubt Microsoft will try to use this to there advantage somewhere along the line. Probably in the form of some cheeky dig at E3!?

Whilst I am more of an Xbox fan, I certainly wouldn’t want to see Sony going under. Competition is what keeps driving companies forward, striving to create the ‘next best thing’. Plus I still haven’t got a PS4, and I would very much like to get one in the future. I do, however, think Sony will be fine. Maybe this could even benefit the PS4 and work to their advantage? With the PS4 selling so well, could this mean more of a focus on that rather than other areas, and therefore better games, and hardware coming to the console as a priority?

So with the PS4 is outselling Xbox One at a rumoured 3-1 rate, but Microsoft as a whole are looking a lot more comfortable, who is really winning? Only time will tell, if this makes a difference in the never ending console wars.

What do you think is going to happen? Will it change anything at all?

– Will

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