DayZ Diaries #7: Return to Chernarus

Ah Chernarus, it’s been a while, but damn it’s good to be back. Back with a vengeance. Back to carry on the memories of Hugo. Say hello to Mack! Why Mack? I don’t know… why not.

Berezino is the starting point for the next chapter in mine and Macks adventure. I already have a friend – Ross, nearby. We arrange to meet near the docks. As soon as I start heading that way, I spot someone. “Is that you?” I call to Ross, “nope”, I immediately put my hands up in a submissive gesture. I have nothing of worth, so killing me would be pointless. I hoped they would think they same. As they came closer, I tried to talk to them, but nothing. They stood motionless in front of me, mosin pointed at me. Ross then barks a laugh, “yea it’s me.” Phew, to have it end this soon would be…. well crap, and completely pointless, but it happens.


Berezino – A lot more dangerous than it used to be.

He drops an SKS for me, but he didn’t have ammo,  we head off to get me looted up. We sweep through the North East side of Berezino pretty quickly, picking up little bits of food and drink and some ammo for my SKS. Ross is already pretty kitted out, so he holds on to the supplies until I find a backpack.

The town is pretty quiet, but we still move cautiously, checking our corners, and clearing buildings before we relax. We spot a couple of fresh spawns darting about, but they leave the area before we are able to catch up with them.

Zombies are now a lot tougher than I remember, and trying to dispatch them proves a little awkward for me since I haven’t played for a while. Ross steps in to take care of them as we have attracted quite a few. Oh yea, that’s another thing, they now seem to have super vision, and can quite easily see you from a good few hundred metres away.

I’m bleeding now, so try to patch myself up, but can’t… Ross has to do it for me. Another little charm from DayZ! Glitches. This one is a new one for me, not being able to use items. So eating, drinking and anything else has to be forced on me by my companion.

We carry on searching around town and make our way to the apartments in the North of the town. We make our way to the roof to get a good look around so we can check for other signs of life.

We spot someone milling about in the nearby police station, but can’t tell if they’ve left. Then we spot another person approaching from the coast, they are making their way through town looting up. They have no gun, but a pack and melee weapon. We keep our eye on her so see where she heads. The police station looks to be her destination. Approaching from the back, we lose sight of her, and shortly after hear gunshots. It sounds like the chap in the station is still there preying on anyone who dares enter.

Now I’m not a particular fan of shoot on sight, and even though we don’t know that that’s what happened, we make an assumption, and decide to deal with the police station bandit. I make my way across town, Ross covering from his vantage point. As I get in to place Ross makes his move. Check out the video to see how it turned out.

We were right, he was just a camping little bandit! Once the siege was over, and we had looted him and the unfortunate earlier victim we headed back towards the safety of the apartments and called it a night.

As I’m not all that far from the NE airfield, I think that may be my next destination. Stay tuned for more!

– Will.

Episode 8

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