DayZ Diaries #8: Trust

Picking up from where I left off in Berezino, I started to make my way north to the NE airfield. I stopped off at Khlem to pick up some more supplies. The town was mostly full of fresh loot, and I was able to pick up a lot of food and drink.

Once finished in Khelm, I headed North through the forests. I’d picked up a map of North Chernarus whilst looting, which made things a lot easier for my trip.

As I emerged from the forest I started to take things a little slower, moving from tree to tree, making sure no one was around to spot me. I wanted to make sure the airfield looked as clear as possible before I approached.

I edged forward going between bushes. Once I’d determined that it looked pretty clear, I broke out in to the open and made my way across an open field. As soon as I was clear of the bushes, I heard a little growl behind me. Taking a quick look I noticed I had a zombie right on my tail. “Where the hell did he come from?” I thought to myself. I had visions of him following me all the way from Khelm.

DayZ Ep8 Zombie

Ninja zombie!

As I didn’t want to make any noise, I equipped my axe, and took care of the zombie. Only to realise that because I had a mosin on my back already, I’d dropped the M4 on the ground, and now I couldn’t find it amongst the tall grass. I gave up looking as I was still out in the open, but I had no mosin ammo on me. So now I was at one of the most dangerous places in Chernarus, with no ammo, so basically as good as unarmed.

Not wanting to spend too much time at the airfield unarmed, I had a quick sweep of the buildings and hangers, and got lucky enough to find an SKS, and a bit of ammo. I ditched the mosin, headed North and got out of there.

DayZ Ep8 Eating

Getting my energy back, before heading out again.

I stopped off in a barn to plan where to go next, eat and drink. I checked my map, and looked for towns close by. The unnamed town wasn’t far North West of me, as I hadn’t been there before I thought I would check it out.

On my way there I came across a little wooden house, all doors closed I assumed it hadn’t been looted. I quickly cleared the building out, finding some binoculars inside. It was then that I changed my mind about the nearby town, and decided to head back to the airfield.

Approaching from the North I used my binoculars to scout the area. Everything looked quiet, but I remained in place for a couple of minutes just to make sure. Once satisfied, I crossed the airstrip to the jail house. As I crept around the edge of building another player popped in to view. He was just outside the air control tower, and he’d spotted me too. I saw him raise his gun towards me, I backed away and crept back around the other side of the jail house. I approached cautiously not know where he was. I had a feeling he had retreated in to the ATC for cover. I decided to try and talk to them. “Hello?” I asked… no response… But then I got a message “friendly?” he asked, I replied that I was, and asked where he was, he was in the tower.

I moved forwards so I was outside the doors, I peeked in but couldn’t see anyone. Then I saw him moving around on the stairs, he made his way down, and hid underneath them, obviously cautious of me. I made my way slowly inside, gun pointed at the stairs. I took up a position on the stairs just above him, and said he could come out. I put my gun away to show him I was friendly.

He came out from the under the stairs still with his gun in his hand, “Put your gun away.” I requested as I just moved out of sight. He complied.

Dayz Ep8 Encounter

The silent survivor.

We talked for a little bit, but he had no mic, I asked him if he needed anything or wanted to trade anything. He didn’t. Just as I was about to get on my way, he unholstered his gun, “Put your gun away, man.” I said to him, he did. At this point I didn’t trust him, so I took my gun out, and informed him, if he did it again I would take him out.

I let him know I was going to leave, I started to make my way back down the stairs, out of the corner of my eye I saw movement from him. He was getting his gun out again. I quickly aimed *Crack* *Crack* *Crack* three shots from my SKS dropped him. ” I warned you!” I quickly checked his body, he didn’t have much.

As the sun was starting to set, I quickly left the airfield, and started to head towards Svelto. Just reaching the outskirts before nightfall.

Upon reflection my actions were probably a little rash, he could have easily taken me out when I was entering the building. Maybe I was just too trusting, or maybe I was just glad to have found someone to talk with. This was also my first kill for the diaries, so my heart was racing, and the adrenaline was flowing. But now I had the taste for some combat, and I wanted more. Would Svetlo be the place to provide it?

– Will

Episode 9

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