Geekly Review #30

We’re a little late to the party this week, but in fairness we did have a bank holiday weekend, so one more day of weekend to geek it up…

Friday night my wife went straight to a gig in Cardiff from work, So as it was a Friday and I’d have the place to myself till at least 1am I had some of the lads round for Pizza, Beer and games.

We played various WWE2k14 matches which again resulted in lots of shouting, a few games of FIFA14 and a few of NBA2k14 on the PS4. It was a good laugh, but seemed to be over far to quickly.

Saturday I went to the cinema to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. In all honesty I wasn’t really that impressed with it. I loved First Class a lot, but this film to me just seemed an excuse to wipe the X-Men franchise clear and start again. First Class was the start of the reboot and this seemed to me to be the way to erase any continuity errors that the Wolverine films or previous films had caused (Emma Frost, Moria being 40 in one film, but 30 back in the 60s etc etc) I agree it was something that needed to be done, but it felt a lazy way to do it for me. There was an after credit teaser that looked rather interesting though.


Rosberg won a hotly contested race.

Sunday I spent the afternoon watching the Monaco grand Prix. It was a pretty exciting race as always in the glitz of Monaco. Will be interesting to see how the rivalry at Mercedes will go from here. I was rooting for Hamilton to pip Rosberg but he just couldn’t make it. After that I had an urge to play GTA5 again. Rather than start the whole game again I just spent a few hours on single player messing around in San Andreas. It was great fun returning to the game, and the urge to restart it again was there constantly, I just kept reminding myself that Watch_dogs would be arriving on the 27th (which is today woohoo) and that I’d be on that once it arrived. I then headed out to the local pub Sunday evening with a group of friends for some Bank Holiday drinks. It escalated quickly and we were all very much drunk. While reminiscing of Mexico and the honeymoon with the group, we brought out the ‘Tequila bomb’ which was something I experienced while over there, simply a shot of Tequila dropped in a half pint which you have to down. It went down terribly with everyone and was probably the main catalyst in getting everyone hammered.

Monday I managed to get rid of some old furniture so our spare bedroom is a lot clearer now. I potted around the garden for a little bit planting some tomatoes and some mint, and then when I figured I had done enough useful house work I went onto Football Manager for the remainder of the evening. Every year the close of the football season just gives me an urge to play Football Manager, So i spent a good 6 hours Sunday evening on that.

Roll on this weekend as for me it’s another 3 day weekend due to WWE Payback PPV.

– Murr

Saturday I was meant to be going to a festival, but as the weather was pretty rubbish I didn’t really fancy it. This gave me time to finish off The Wolf Among Us: A Crooked Mile.

For me this episode was probably the best one yet. Whilst there wasn’t a lot of action, bar the last scene – which is awesome by the way. The story really took the tension up to a whole new level.

The-Wolf-Among-Us-Bloody Mary

Say hello to Bloody Mary’s little friend!

As with most episodes so far, we again got to meet some new characters, this time it was Bloody Mary. With a name like that you can imagine she isn’t the nicest person, in fact she is pretty darn evil. She seems to be working for the Crooked man, whos identity is still unknown.

I really enjoyed the series so far, and it keeps going from strength to strength with each episode, so I’m really hoping that episode 4 – which comes this week, will again be the best yet.

I also got around to playing The Walking Dead: In Harm’s Way. In the last episode things started to go a little wrong for Clem and the other survivors and they ended up being ‘captured’ by Bill Carver.

This episode picks up from there, with the group being brought back to Bills little haven, which is more like a prison. Clearly not happy with the situation the group start to figure out how to escape.


Carver laying down the law.

Again as with The Wolf Among Us, this is probably the best episode in the series so far. Bill is an absolute A-hole, and paints a picture of the perfect villain. Think the Governor from the series but more violent.

The only thing that slightly annoyed me about it was that everyone looks to Clem to do everything or help. Now I get from the games point of view, if she had nothing to do it would be pretty boring to play. But Clem is 11. You can’t seriously tell me that all these adults would actually look to an 11 year old to sort their problems in a real apocalypse?

Anyway, like I said its minor. Plus I do love to play as Clem being the ultimate badass.

The thing is, is I can’t wait to play the next episode, but I just have this feeling that everything is going to turn to shit. Each episode things seem to be getting worse, more people die tensions rise, and the sense of dread just keeps on building, like that feeling you get just before a storm. We lost Lee in series 1, surely they won’t get rid of Clem too?

Oh, also I hate Sarah, she is so annoying, and I hate having to look after her all the time.

The rest of my weekend was mostly spent watching TV and films, and playing a few other games here and there. All in all it was very lazy, which was nice.

Now, roll of WATCH_DOGS!

– Will

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