Geekly Review #31

We are really rattling through these weekends!

This weekend I went away to Devon to see some family. I took my laptop away with me in case there was any down time where I might get to play a few games. But as the weather was pretty decent most of the weekend, we went out every day, with trips to the beach, and the local town.

However, in the evenings after all the children had been put to bed, I did get  a little time to play some football manager. I guess with the world cup just around the corner, and all the football rumour mills starting for each club, it just gets you in the mood for it.

Another game I played some of was Banished, to be honest, I haven’t actually played it all that much since its release, only putting in a handful of hours to it. Recently though I’ve been wanting to play it again. It’s taken me a little while to get back in to the swing of it, but I think I’m there now. I was thinking that I might start up a survival let’s play series for it to post to our YouTube channel, maybe as a weekly thing.

I also discovered that my sisters are massively in to playing Minecraft, and as soon as they found out I also played it and that I had it on my laptop, they couldn’t stop talking about it, and wanted to constantly play it. I actually think they are better at it than me. Well they are certainly more creative on it, having built rollercoaster’s, cinemas and all sorts.

I got home early Sunday evening, and managed to squeeze in a little WATCH_DOGS for good measure. But other than that it was more just a weekend of relaxing and spending some time with my family.

– Will

This weekend was a rather ‘lad’ kind of weekend. Friday night I’d only been home for an hour before I was getting a lift into town to have some drinks with some work colleagues. We went to a place called “The Stable” on the Bristol waterfront. It’s a place that specializes in Cider and Pizza. I’d already eaten pror to heading out so didn’t dip into the Pizza, but the cider selection was fantastic and I sank a few differnt pints there. We then moved onto one of my favourite places for the remainder of the night the “Bierkeller”. This is a club that only plays heavy rock music, So after the combination of various ciders and rock music much head banging and moshing followed.

Saturday when I eventually woke up I got onto Mario Kart 8. I’d been really looking forward to this after some fanstasitc reviews, and have to say it is so much fun. I played for a couple of hours unlocking a few characters then went and had another blast on Watch_dogs. A little later I went over to a friends house where a few of us gathered for some pre drinks prior to heading out to the pub to watch the “Froch vs Groves II” Fight. The undercard was pretty impressive and we managed to get rather drunk up to the big fight. We were not dissapointed with it. No contraversy this time, just a clean knockout by Froch. We then headed back to mine for a few drinks till the early hours of the morning.

photo (1)

Finally Wii U got some love

Sunday I was back on Mario Kart finishing every tournament available only on the 50cc mode. I also took it online and was surprised at how easy it was. Nintendo actually managed to make an online feature in a game sensible and actually work. Impressive stuff. Again I then went onto Watch_dogs, but I don’t know, it now seems that perhaps I’m not enjoying it as much as I did. It’s still fun, but the incentive to do the missions isn’t there for me, I don’t know why. I’ll continue to play though. Finally Sunday evening was WWE Payback, so the usual lads came over and we played hours of Mario Kart 8, WWE2k14, watched some Botchamania and watched the show. I’ll be doing results and thoughts of it shortly.

photo (2)

We take our wrestling snacks very seriously

All in all a good decent weekend, helps having Monday off too, to recover.

Here’s to next weekend!

– Murr

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