Rumor: Marvel might be cancelling all Fantastic Four comics

marvelFound an interesting article on BleedingCool regarding the 75th anniversary of Marvel and the possible snub of X-men & Fantastic 4. Take a gander at this…

Well this is an interesting one. Recently we ran a piece looking at the absence of comic book characters associated with Fox Studios on the Marvel 75th Anniversary Magazine cover, in favour of the likes of the Inhumans and Captain Marvel.

Well, now I’m being told from a Marvel source that Marvel are intending to put the Fantastic Four comic books on hold, both Marvel Universe and Ultimate. The characters will still appear, but in other folks’ books such as Inhuman and Avengers. And that artwork featuring the Fantastic Four is even being taken down in the company offices.

Twentieth Century Fox pretty much has an eternal claim on Fantastic Four and X-Men movies, if they keep making them, after the deal was done during Marvel’s bankruptcy days, with very little benefit to Marvel.

The belief inside the higher echelons of Marvel is that promoting these properties in comics only benefits Fox’s movies at the expense of those from Marvel Studios. Which is why the Inhumans are being pushed as mutant replacements in the Marvel Universe. And Marvel have been pushing Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy and other comics over the X-Men. And while X-Men comics remain solid sellers, they are no longer the focus of internal promotion unless, as with the upcoming AXIS event, the Avengers get equal billing.

The Fantastic Four is Marvel’s longest running comic book and is the foundation of the Marvel Universe. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961, even if its sales have varied, it’s considered the cornerstone of the comic books. What will happen if it goes away…?

Marvel gave an “no comment” when approached.

What do you think? Would Marvel purposely not display X-men or FF characters to avoid advertising Fox owned Marvel Properties. But what about the Sony owned Spiderman? It’s rumoured that Marvel Studios are on better terms with Sony, or is this all one big misunderstanding of out with the old in with the new(but still old) franchises.

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One thought on “Rumor: Marvel might be cancelling all Fantastic Four comics

  1. I think the idea that Marvel would cancel FF as some sort of “snub” at Fox is ridiculous. Why would Fox give a damn? The comic sells than 35 000 copies a month. There’s probably going to be tens of millions of people in the US alone watching the new movies. Fox couldn’t care less what Marvel does at this point, so where would be the “snub”?

    FF will be published as long as it’s worth publishing. If the sales are low enough that it’s felt it’s no longer worth publishing, it’ll be put on hiatus for a little while, but it would eventually be brought back, likely within less than 3 years,

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