E3 2014: EA Conference Round Up

Alright, so we’ve had Microsoft show off. Now its EA’s turn.

We open with a video from DICE talking about and Star Wars Battlefront. No gameplay or trailers for it unfortunately.

Andrew Wilson then comes to the stage and talks through EA’s plans for the show and the future.

We are then treated to a live Cello performance to accompany a Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer. Followed by a sneak peak at some gameplay, and then ANOTHER trailer, well we certainly are lucky, showing off the Heroes in the game. Dragon Age: Inquistion is coming October 7th 2014.

Bioware team talk of Mass Effect 4, and new IP. But nothing is really shown.

Sims 4 shown off by Rachel Franklin. You can now define Sims Personalities to create custom experiences, and help define their stories.The game will drop 2nd September 2014.

What next then? Bruce Lee?…Oh right, UFC.¬†Check it out.


NHL 15 is up next. With some slick looking slo motion play in the trailer shown.

Criterion are next. Lots has been discussed about what they might reveal. So what is it? Well its a game that ‘moves beyond cars’. Other than that, I’m not sure. I know that you will be playing with Cars, bike, boats, planes, wingsuits. But what you will actually be doing isn’t clear yet. My guess is racing though.

We then hear a little bit about the MOBA Dawngate.


Andrew Wilson then returns to the stage to talk about how EA are doing things differently, and that they are putting the player first.

But what comes next is what a lot of people have been waiting for. Mirrors Edge. But we only get to see a developer diary with some prototype footage.

We are then treated to some Fifa 15 info, and are told that this year its all about ‘feeling the game’… ok. Improvements have been made to pretty much everything, players even have feels now. They did get Idris Elba to do the trailer though, so that’s cool.


Finally its the main event, and what pretty much everyone is either waiting for, or knows for sure will happen. Battlefield: Hardline. We are treated to a trailer, and some multiplayer footage. Following that, we then get told that the Beta for it is available to play NOW on PS4, which has now crashed the PSN.


We also saw a bit of Madden 15 and some PGA Tour, but not a lot.

I was actually a little disappointed with EA’s show. It was a lot of developer diaries, and not enough gameplay, and what games we did see were mostly franchise games any way.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for the rest of E3, we have plenty more coming.

– Will


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