E3 2014: Microsoft Conference Round Up

Here we are then! E3 2014. Its live. Firstly to kick off the event, Xbox held a ‘green carpet’ event, chatting with some of the people showcasing as they turned up, and teasing a few little bits about the show, and future stuff.

One really sweet thing shown during this was achievements in snap mode, no longer will you have to open up a completely different app to see you achievements, you can now just snap them whilst playing. And the really cool thing! It can sort them by how close you are to getting them, and you can also search the web for help on the achievement with just a few clicks.

We also got to have a sneak preview of Killer Instinct season 2, with TJ Combo being shown off.

But on to the main event!

Phil Spencer, started off the show, and informed everyone that it would be all about games, and nothing else.

First up Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with a first gameplay demo. Xbox clearly bringing out the big guns early on with this one. Add on content will be available first on Xbox One. Check out the gameplay trailer.

We then got a little info on Forza 5 with the annoucement that a fully recreated Nurburgring is available to download today for FREE! Then it was time for a little Forza Horizon 2. THe game is boasting 200 cars, full day and night cycle, dynamic weather all in 1080p. And it will be released September 30th 2014.


We then got to see a little tease for Evolve with a new trailer. The game is looking amazing fun Looks really good. No doubt playing as a monster will be EPIC.

Assassins Creed Unity was up next. Set in 18th Century Paris, during the French Revolution. It will feature the biggest “playground” ever, 100’s quest and activities and 4 player co-op. The gameplay shown off showcased this nicely.

The release date for Dragon Age Inquisition was then announced along with a trailer, October 7th 2014 is when you can expect to see it. Along with Xbox One receiving content first.

We then got to see some gameplay for Insomniac Games Sunset Overdrive. It looks completley nuts and over the top, kind of like Crackdown meets Dead Rising, and then does some acid. New trailer. The game will launch October 28th 2014.

Dead Rising 3 arcade adventure 4 player co-op. Available now DLC

Dance Central Spotlight was then announced as a digital only exclusive. Along with Disney Fantasia Music Evolved. To be honest these aren’t games that I’m really interested in, plus they didn’t really show anything in particular. 

We then got to seeGame Director David Eckelberry show off a little Fable Legends demo.


A multiplayer beta will be out this fall. visit www.fablelegends.com for more.

Project Spark was up next with a new trailer showing off the almost endless creative abilities of the game and its only on Xbox and PC , with the full game due  this fall. Oh also Conker is in the game too…

The next game came from Moon Studios, ‘Ori and the blind forest’ and is another Xbox One exclusive, it looks beautiful, and has an amazing soundtrack in the trailer, which managed to give me goosebumbs. . It looks very, very interesting, and I can’t wait to see more of it.

Dan Ayoub the Exec Producer at 343i then came to the stage to show off…yes you guessed it Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It will feature all the Halo games in one place, all in HD – or classic if you’d prefer and all of the multiplayer maps ever created.  was then a quick demo where Dan got Tea bagged. Oh did I mention that it’s also in 1080p  and 60fps, and has 4000 gamerscore!

And as if that wasn’t enough it will also include Halo nightfall, the live action digital series. Which will lead up to Halo 5 Guardians.

Just one more bit of Halo news, the Halo 5: Guardians Beta will be out in December this year!

Man, that music is so amazing!

Phil Spencer then came back on to announce that Halo MSC will be available this holiday November 14th to be more specific.

We were then treated to what we can expect from the ID@xbox gang with a trailer showcasing whats coming. Below. Aztez.White night. Earthlock. Cuphead. Drifter. Lifeless PLanet. Fru. Grave. Hellraid. Were all amongst the games mentioned. Plus about 10 others.


We then got to see the World Premiere of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Unfortunately no gameplay was shown, just a nice little trailer.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, was the next game to show a little demo off.

Ken Lobb then came on to announce Phantom Dust which will be exclusive to Xbox one.

Game director Ryan Barnard from Massive then took to the stage and showed us some lovely looking Tom Clancy’s The Division gameplay. This is easily one of my most anticipated games, and so far its not disappointing me at all.  New York is looking fantastic!

Another Xbox One Exclusive was up next. Scalebound  which had some huge ass monster fights. I don’t really know a lot about this game, but it wasn’t gameplay, so its kind of hard to tell what it could be like.

Whats that? You want another exclusive to Xbox One game. Ok, how about Crackdown 3! Although just called Crackdown, so not sure if its a sequel or reboot.

Phil Spencer then came back to close the show.

All in all, there was a lot shown, and I know I’ve missed some, but its a hell of a lot to take in. Phil was right though, it was all about the games!

Stay tuned for the rest of the conference rounds ups!

– Will



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