E3 2014: Ubisoft Conference Round Up

Ubisoft Conference just finished and there weren’t that many surprises. But alot of trailers for some awesome games.

It started off with an introduction to Far Cry 4. In fact that was the first thing we saw a nice trailer to show it off. Dan Hay came to the stage after to loud applause to give a brief but funny intro to the game.

Aisha Tyler takes the stage for her 3rd apperance at E3 for Ubisoft. She goes on to express her love for Games and specifically Ubisoft games with many curse word filled sentances.

She next introduces the executive producer of Just Dance 2015. It’s another Just dance title, however this time there is no limitation on players. Your smart phone can now interact with the game, if you have the app, you can add yourself to the game. So a house party of 50 people, everyone has the app, then everyone can dance. We are then treated to a dance presentation. Yay [/sarcasm].

After that dance off Aisha introduces Petter Mannerfelt the producer of the Division to the stage. He discuses the premise of the game and we are then shown a trailer of the game that gives the backstory of how the events of the Division occur.

No sooner does that trailer finish then the sound of engines revving and screaming, and the logo for “the crew” is displayed. Creative director Julian Gerignty takes the stage and discusses about the trailer we just saw. It’s a sped up level that in fact takes 2 hours to complete getting from Miami to a destination taking various trips. It looked pretty incredible seeing the environments change and the weather and time changes. There is a Beta available on 23rd July and the release date was revealed as November 11th.

Once the applause for the crew dies Alex Amancio the creative director of Assassins Creed Unity takes the stage. He explains the backdrop to Unity and discusses the time period and setting. This is followed by a trailer which looks fantastic, and thenn a live demo played on stage.

We’re approaching the end of the conference now, and we’re all expecting Ubisoft to close off with a bombshell. 2 years ago we got our first glimpse at watch_dogs, and last year it was Division. What would it be this year. Well turns out we are treated to 3 new titles.

First up is shape up which is a fitness game. It’s creative director Charles Huteau took the stage and revealed that they have an exlcusive partnership with Microsoft for this game. 2 challanges are played on stage. One is a dance type mini game much like the classic Dance Dance games from the arcades, the next challange is a push up competition in which Ubisoft staff representing USA and France square off against each other.

The next new title releasing on 25th June is a unique puzzle adventure themed on World War 1. It’s art design looked great and it appears to be quite a deep game for such a suprise title. The game is called Valiant Hearts.

Finally, Aisha introduces the boss, Yves Guillemot for the final thankyou. He of course signs off with the traditional “one more game reveal..”

The game…. Rainbow Six Siege. And it looked once again… fantastic. Way to close the show off Ubisoft, 3 years in a row you’ve impressed immensly.

And there you have it. Ubisoft revelaed a few new titles, but to be as expected made sure we didn’t forget about Assassins Creed, Division and The Crew.

– Murr




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