E3 2014: Nintendo Digital Event Round Up

So the final event. Nintendo’s not direct but digital event.

It started off hilariously with action figures of Reggie, Mario and other Nintendo favourites and the e3 audience. It was a really odd but differnet approach, even Nintendo making fun of themselves saying that there will be no Mario game at this e3, much to Mario displeasure backstage who was not pleased.

To sum it up it was hillarious and I implore all to watch.

Next we get a fight scene. Mr Iwata and Reggie beating each other up. And then onto seeing their Mii’s beat each other up in Smash Bros for Wii U. Mr Iwata gets a little extra help though in the form of a Toy of Mario that he scans on the Wii U Controller. So NFC Characters for Smash Wii U was true then!

There goes my money.

Here’s the whole intro and the Fight scene –

We are informed that the Mii’s on Smash bros are 3 types. Brawler who has no weapons, Sword Fighter which as it suggests his weapon is a sword and a gunner who has an arm blaster similar to that of Samus from Metroid.

We’re then shown a bit of the 3DS version of Smash Bros. One thing I liked was that you can tone down the outline of the characters.

Reggie now appears again and talks about the NFC in Smash Bros. But it’s not called NFC, it’s called Amiibo. It’ll be brought into future Nintendo titles starting with Smash Bro’s but will also play a part in the recently released Mario Kart 8.

Data can be transferred to each game from the figure, and then stats from your time playing can then be logged back to the figure.

Next Reggie goes on to say from here we’ll be shown new games and introduced to them by their developpers. And with that we’re first to see Yoshi’s Wooly Wold. Yes the game I didn’t think would see the light of day is here. It’s confirmed for a 2015 release and will feature multiplayer (locally I assume for now)

Next up a new franchise featuring an unlikely Nintendo Hero. Captain Toad: treasure tracker. It looks like a fun platformer but featuring someone other than Mario!

We next see a black screen that simply reads The Legend of Zelda… here we go. We’re told about how traditionally Zelda on the NES you could choose your path to a certain extent and any direction you want. Well we’re then told that this will be the case in the new Zelda for Wii U. It’ll be open world.Here’s the full reveal:

Next up was a trailer for the recently announced remakes of Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire.

After that it was a trailer for Bayonetta 2. The big story from this is that Bayonetta 1 will come with it. And appears to have had some Nintendo extras thrown in.

We’re plowing through the games here. We’re now treated to more info on Hyrule Warriors. This game is studily becoming one I’m more and more excited about.

Another new game. It’s everyones favourite Pink suck up everything guy… Kirby. This time he’s not in yarn, but plastecine. Expect to see a Yoshi game in 2017 featuring similar visuals.

We’re still going, now we get a right teaser of an introduction. I text GSRR’s #1 fan exlaiming my joy thinking it’s Metroid. But it’s not… But it’s still AWESOME. X… is Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii U.

Next up is a game that allows you create your own Mario levels called “Mario Maker” it more than likely will be eShop, but still could be fun.

And lastly we’re onto a game that started off looking pretty meh. But the more I listened and watched, the more interesting it became to me. Splatoon. It’s an online game with teams of 4 people. The idea is to fill the map up with you colour Ink. You can shift between being a human or a squid. Sounds weird, but as I said the more I watched the more I thought this game was clever.

Unfortunately for Nintendo the image of the game means it’ll ge ignored by dudebro gamers straight away which is a shame, I’d imagine if a team game mechanic like this featured in Call of Duty or something like that people would enjoy it. I mean Zombies took off in a big way on COD.

It’s a little longer than the others, but again give it a try.

As Reggie came back to close the event up, he mentioned one more surprise. I thought it was a Smash Bro’s anime, but it turned out to be a new character reveal…

And with that Nintendo’s E3 has started.

Apparently a surprise game was revealed on IGN Stream, however I’ve been unable to view it and have since had to attend to a kitten.

What do you think?

– Murr




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