Geekly Review #33

That was a long week, Unfortunately the weekend went far to fast and here we are again, Monday Morning…

Well, the weekend for me was the least Geeky weekend I’ve had in a long time, Sure the week was good due to E3, but the weekend was just football and beer practically.. Friday night I got home, had a pizza, then was out the door to a mates house to watch the Spain vs Holland in the world cup. This was to be a quiet night, so not too many beers were consumed, but we enjoyed an incredible game of football. Holland looking rather awesome. We were meant to head home then, but ended up chatting and watching half of the Chile game too.

Saturday was the big one, England vs Italy. First though I had to do a lot of work. I got my garden looking in top shape, went out nice an early to the shops for BBQ food, Got back and tidied the BBQ out, and then… Waited. 1pm the group came round and we partook in lots of beer and burgers. 3 Crates of beer later and we’re about ready to leave for the pub. We left before the girls and told them we’d save them a space. In traditional lads fashion we arrived at the pub and the girls were right behind us, So we clearly took a detour. The atmosphere in the pub was awesome. The first shot that looked like a goal but actually wasn’t sent the pub into a frenzy. When England did score the place was rocking. Unfortunately though the result didn’t go our way.

photo (1)

Sunday was pretty terrible in terms of how I felt, but it was fathers day and I had to get out of bed at some point. So over to my parents for another BBQ, I couldn’t face the pub or a pint, so didn’t stay that long. When back home introduced our little kitten to our elder cat. That was rather amusing, but things went pretty well. Followed that up with more football of course. My wife thought I was joking when I said there will be at least 2 games of football on tv each night to start with.

So not the geekiest weekend for me, but certainly a fun one.

– Murr

Meg – my girlfriend, runs a 1920’s themed events/party business, and on Friday night was another of these parties. This time is was ‘Escape to Cuba‘. The idea behind it was because during the Prohibition era, Bacardi – originally from Cuba, advertised the island as an enticing tropical get away. So there was lots of Cuban music, and entertainment and lots of rum. The theme was captured really well, helped by the fact that everyone made a great effort in dressing up, and also because the venue used was spot on.

As I was feeling pretty knackered on the Saturday I didn’t really get up to much apart from watching some of the World Cup, and sleeping in between.

Sunday, as it was Fathers day we went out for lunch with Megs parents and had probably the best roast dinner I’ve ever had. It easily had the best Yorkshire pudding I’ve ever had. Really I didn’t do anything geeky this weekend… So here is a random WATCH_DOGS fail I recorded.

– Will

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