Marvel Considering Hulk Movie


Mark Ruffalo himself has confirmed that Marvel are considering a standalone Hulk film.

Given how fans took to Ruffalo’s portrayal of the Hulk in Avengers, I guess this was always something that needed to be considered…

Bruce Banner himself has confirmed that Marvel is “considering” a standalone film based on the Hulk we were introduced to in Marvel’s The Avengers.
Speaking with Digital Spy, actor Mark Ruffalo admitted that the studio was originally firmly against the idea, but has subsequently softened its stance.

“I think – for the first time – [Marvel] is entertaining the idea of it,” the actor said. “When we did Avengers, it was basically ‘no.’ And now I think there’s some consideration for it.”

Before you get your hopes up, Ruffalo explained that the talks are far from conclusive.

“There’s not even a skeletal version of what it would be. So I look forward to going down that road if we could crack that nut – I think the Banner/Hulk storyline isn’t an easy nut to crack.”

After two Hulk films that didn’t set the world alight, it’s understandable the studio is cautious. However, Ruffalo’s Hulk has proved hugely popular since his first appearance in The Avengers, and perhaps audiences would be open to a third crack at that so called ‘nut.’

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