Bungie Own Destiny IP & 10 Year Plan With Activision


Gamebiz have posted a recent interview with Bungie COO Pete Parsons and fielded some questions regarding Bungie’s plans going forward with Activision among other things. One thing that came out of the interview is the confirmation that Destiny is a Bungie Owned IP rather than an Activision owned IP.

A few snippets:

Q: Activision clearly want this to be a tent pole going forward – they’ve talked about a 10-year plan. Is that something that you guys are comfortable with, getting invested in this project for that length of time?

Pete Parsons: Well, that’s our plan, actually. We came to Activision with the 10-year plan. That was completely us. It’s a part of being an independent company.

If you have to leave a universe that you love behind, it couldn’t be really a better thing to do it with. A newly independent company starting on a new, bold adventure, which is why the game is called Destiny – it was originally a code name for the game and we ended up liking it a lot and then changed the code name to Tiger, but yeah, because it spoke so much about where we were going and what we were doing that it became the thing we’re focused on.

Q: One last very quick thing, then. The IP, is that an Activision property or is that a Bungie property?

Pete Parsons: It’s a Bungie property.

More at the source – http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2014-06-23-bungie-coo

– Murr


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