WWE Money In The Bank 2014 Results

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  1. Timlah says:

    I went into this wanting one thing to happen. Just one thing. Just one thing that’d make everything different.

    Instead, that happened on RAW… Not that I’m complaining, I thought some of the matches were really good. Both of the ladder matches were exciting but I agree with you on the outcomes. It wasn’t my favourite PPV in terms of outcomes…

    The true positives of the night were Paige retain (for the following nights events) and Ambrose being Ambrose and doing what Ambrose does best: Be Ambrose(/Moxley/)

    Great post guys!

    1. Murr_GSRR says:

      There was a fresh feeling leading in the PPV, I think the actual contract ladder match you would have picked Dean or Seth to win, but the title ladder match, well there was something about it in which you thought maybe just maybe Cena or Orton wouldn’t win.

      Had the Wyatt family beaten the USO’s earlier I would of possibly thought Bray shocks everyone and walks out as champion thus making their stable look more legit. Have a month reign, lose at Battleground to Cena (their rivalry from earlier this year could be a selling point) lose to Cena who then goes on to fight Brock at Summerslam.

      But obviously as soon as the USO’s retained that idea dropped from my head. I think deep down, we all knew Cena would overcome the odds again, but there was that small glimmer of hope that WWE Would push Cesaro, Reigns or Bray into the spotlight. It’s a shame it’s fallen back onto Cena’s waist again.

      I just want to see the likes of Ziggler, Cesaro etc get shots at the top spot. It’s a shame Barrett suffered an injury as the Bad news gimmick has pushed him up the pecking order.

      It seems at the moment perhaps the roster is perhaps too packed with main event material, unfortunately though the creative aren’t seeing this and Cena wins again.

      1. Timlah says:

        I dunno, the midcard is getting bigger and better.

        As for the Usos? Prepare… For The Ascension (NXT tag team champs!) they are rumoured to come to RAW soon!!

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