WWE Money In The Bank 2014 Results


This particular PPV I was incredinly excited for. The participants in both the ladder matches for the contract and the title filled me with hope that WWE would go with some unexpected results and make changes to potentially start building their future talent. Not to mention the tag title match which I had a clear favourite for in terms of winning. Good thing I’m not a betting man though…

The pre-show, show didn’t feature any matches on this occasion. Instead it had Daniel Bryan speak to the crowd about his long term health. Unfortunately It was rather bad news in that Bryan’s injury means he doesn’t know himself when he’ll return. The crowd were of course dissapointed to hear this. Bo Dallas decided to crash the party however and tell Bryan to just Boleave that he’ll make a recovery. Daniel Bryan responded to this calling him a Bo-Ner and telling him that the crowd just want Bo to Leave.

A bit of a pointless pre-show, but they needed Bryan to feature some where and to tell the crowd personally he’ll be missing for longer was the best way to do it.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Uso’s vs The Wyatt Family

So this match was my sure bet, I was positive that the Wyatt family were going to begin their reign as tag champs. The match was an excellent way to start the PPV. Alot of high flying spots and some great action. Luke Harper kind of stole the limelight in this match. He’s already been looking the better of this team (other than Bray) and he did himself no harm here either. 2 dives through the ropes in a row to take out the Uso’s was a great moment. The match ended when the Uso’s both splashed Rowan and the 2nd splash ended in a cover and pin for the win. So already I’m not overly impressed with this PPV. One comment I read on a message board is that the Uso’s are John Cena of the tag division. A comment I agree with.

WWE Diva’s Championship: Paige vs Naomi

Paige continued her streak and reign as Diva’s champion with an impressive defense of her title here. It would appear the storyline rumours of Naomi and Cameron splitting up will happen as they made a point of mentioning Cameron’s complete not giving a shit about Naomi in this match. The match was decent and Paige once again was impressive. She also had a new finisher to boast and it looked rather brutal.The crowd were still fairly warm. Good match and good to see Paige retain.

Singles Match: Damien Sandow vs Adam Rose

Well no one asked for this match, but unfortuantely we got it. Sandow came out in another fancy dress role. I’m not upto date with my American History but apparently he was dressed as someone with some significance to Boston. Adam Rose came out to spoil the fun and we were then treated to one of the worst matches ever. It’s unbelievable to think a year ago Sandow won Money in the bank, and now he’s here in some terrible gimmicks jobbing to Adam Rose of all people. Crap match, which I was hardly watching and wishing would finish sooner. Poor Sandow.
Money in the Bank Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship CONTRACT: Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston vs RVD vs Jack Swagger

Finally, the crowd needed something to lift them after the shambles of the last match. This is one of those matches where you thought Seth was going to win, but then there was every possibility that Ambrose would win it due to how over he is at the moment. As for the match itself it was fantastic. RVD rolling back the years with some spectacular moves off the ladders and turnbuckles. He set a ladder up to lay across the bottom rope in the corner, and rolling thunder’d Kofi on it. It looked great. Jack Swagger took some great tumbles from high up the ladder. Of course we hardly saw Dolph Ziggler as he made every move done on him look like a finisher as always, so he spent majority of the match outside. Of course other than the contract, this match was for Rollins and Ambrose to finally get at each other, and they did the moment the match started. Brawling with some intensity. They also had one of the greatest spots of the night with Ambrose super-plexing Rollins off the top of one of the higher ladders.


This Is Awesome!


The match continued to deliver. Ziggler finally getting some momentum and attempting to climb the ladder, he was stopped by Swagger who tried to patriot lock him on the ladder, Ziggler though showing incredible strength continued to pull himself up the ladder with his arms only. It looked impressive, but that was the closest he got to that case. Ambrose apparently picked up an injury and the ref’s forced him to leave the match much to the boo’s of the crowd. However he followed the rules and made his way back stage. Rollins was once again involved in another great spot this time with Kofi Kingston…

mitb2I was criticizing Kofi’s inclusion in this match, but in fairness he added alot to it with his high flying moves. A great spot from him was him being pushed off the ladder but landing on the top rope with his feet and then jumping off that rope onto a brawl that was taking place out of the ring, it got a massive crowd pop.

We all knew it would happen and it did, Rollins starts climbing the ladder and Ambrose rushes out to a massive crowd pop. They begin battling again, but for the keen eyed wrestling fans they may have spotted in the corner of the screen a referee pulling Zeb Colter away from the ring rather fast. What ever could this be for? Red flames burst from the turnbuckle and Kane is out. He ensures the ring is cleared and takes Ambrose out. He then gladly holds the ladder for Rollins to climb and take the win. It is one sour ending. No one is dissapointed that Rollins won. But the way it happened is just terrible. However it builds up the rivalry for Ambrose and Rollins more as Ambrose has ammunation to frustrate Rollins by laying claim that Rollins would never win without help from the Authority. All in all a great match minus the ending.

Tag Team Match: Goldust & Stardust vs Rybaxl

After that last match the crowd were pumped. Stardust has become pretty popular quickly and this continued to show with numerous posters in the crowd. The rumour here is that if Stardust and Goldust prove popular they’ll be given a title shot, if not the original breakup line will happen and a rivalry will take place. It looks like they’ll be sticking around though as they picked up another win against their frequent opponents in Rybaxl. Pretty standard match with not a lot spectacular happening. Just a match to get another win for Goldust and Stardust.

Singles Match: Rusev vs Big E

Remember how at Payback these guys fought? Well it was practically the same match. There was flag waving, There was Big E diving through the ropes. However on one attempt Rusev countered sticking his knee out which Big E connected with. But yeah. It was pretty much the same. Not that exciting, the crowd weren’t all that invested. Rusev won with his submission finisher, There was a glimmer that Big E was going to break the hold, but Rusev tightened it up and got the win via tap out. Rusev contines to gain a momentum. Only one person can stop him now, time for Cena to bury him in a few weeks time.

Diva’s Singles Match: Summer Rae vs Layla with Fandango as special referee

Hey look another match no one cares about. There is one thing that we can take from this match though. Fandango loves triangles. That’s about the most exciting thing to come from this. Summer Raw was thrown into Fandango and they shared an almost intimate moment. But this is one love triangle that no one cared about, especially this high on the card

Ladder Match for the Vacant WWE World Heavy Weight Championship: Sheamus vs Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns vs Cesaro vs Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Kane vs Alberto Del Rio

So here we are, the main event and we’re going to have a new champion, except we’re really not are we if Cena or Orton wins. There was so much hype for Reigns to win this. While watching with my 2 friends we were all in agreement that Reigns, Bray, Cesaro hell even Del Rio would be suitable winners over Sheamus, Kane, Cena or Orton. The match wasn’t as high flying as the previous ladder match, but then you wouldn’t expect to see Sheamus flying from the top of a ladder. It was still highly entertaining. A Particular highlight for me was the mass brawling that went on everywere left Bray and Roman both in the ring having a stair down, Reigns gave a little nod to Bray and then the pair clashed. I don’t know why I enjoyed that so much. Perhaps I was just marking out due to how much I like both those guys.

Orton took a knock to the head which opened him up. Roman Reigns didn’t really feature much at all during the begining of this match. John Cena took a finisher from practically every one in the ring, so the odds didn’t look good for him. Bray Wyatt had moments of awesome-ness slamming Cesaro onto a ladder but then being Irish Whipped into that same ladder a few seconds later. Cesaro also had an awesome spot European uppercutting Cena off the ladder. Randy Orton hit an incredible RKO off the ladder. The match was highly entertaining, but the previous ladder match just had a bit more too it. Bray looked a little out of place in the match unfortunately. He did get a moment alone in the ring and made a go up the ladder to only be stopped by Reigns.

One spot where the ring was empty and a ladder set up, Kane picked up Orton via the neck and threw him at the ladder as in to gesture to him to climb it.He was stopped though as the fights all came back into the ring There were a few moments where all the men were attempting to climb the ladder at once which led to some hilarity. And then as we noticed the time realizing there was only 5 mins or so left of the PPV It all kicked off.

Each entrant got a 30 second stint in the ring of finisher and ladder climb. And then it happened Cena appeared out of no were, He AA’d Kane, he then AA’d Orton, and then he ran up that ladder so fast. This isn’t happening is it….


Yup it happened. John Cena overcall all the odds, he is once again our Champion. 15 time WWE Champion. Laughter broke out in the room between myself and my 2 friends watching. With one of them saying “They really did it.. They actually did it!”

Yup, The Champ is here again.

There was a leaked poster featuring Cena & Lesnar for Summerslam, and the rumour around was that would be a title match, So it appears that it’s more than a rumour, it’ll be happening.

What will happen to the likes of Bray, Roman & Cesaro now? Hopefully there isn’t a burial for any of these guys. Roman & Bray are still immensly popular so they should recover, but Cesaro. If Lesnar is returning he’ll be the number 1 Heyman guy again. Hopefully Cesaro can remain in the title picture.

But yes… unbelivable.

– Murr

4 thoughts on “WWE Money In The Bank 2014 Results

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  2. I went into this wanting one thing to happen. Just one thing. Just one thing that’d make everything different.

    Instead, that happened on RAW… Not that I’m complaining, I thought some of the matches were really good. Both of the ladder matches were exciting but I agree with you on the outcomes. It wasn’t my favourite PPV in terms of outcomes…

    The true positives of the night were Paige retain (for the following nights events) and Ambrose being Ambrose and doing what Ambrose does best: Be Ambrose(/Moxley/)

    Great post guys!

    • There was a fresh feeling leading in the PPV, I think the actual contract ladder match you would have picked Dean or Seth to win, but the title ladder match, well there was something about it in which you thought maybe just maybe Cena or Orton wouldn’t win.

      Had the Wyatt family beaten the USO’s earlier I would of possibly thought Bray shocks everyone and walks out as champion thus making their stable look more legit. Have a month reign, lose at Battleground to Cena (their rivalry from earlier this year could be a selling point) lose to Cena who then goes on to fight Brock at Summerslam.

      But obviously as soon as the USO’s retained that idea dropped from my head. I think deep down, we all knew Cena would overcome the odds again, but there was that small glimmer of hope that WWE Would push Cesaro, Reigns or Bray into the spotlight. It’s a shame it’s fallen back onto Cena’s waist again.

      I just want to see the likes of Ziggler, Cesaro etc get shots at the top spot. It’s a shame Barrett suffered an injury as the Bad news gimmick has pushed him up the pecking order.

      It seems at the moment perhaps the roster is perhaps too packed with main event material, unfortunately though the creative aren’t seeing this and Cena wins again.

      • I dunno, the midcard is getting bigger and better.

        As for the Usos? Prepare… For The Ascension (NXT tag team champs!) they are rumoured to come to RAW soon!!

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