WWE Battleground Results 2014

WWE Battleground took place last night, and featured what had to be the most predictible and obvious result set for a main event in a long time thanks to recent amazon blunders about the Summerslam main event. With that though it was a not to bad pay per view featuring another match of the year contender with the Uso’s and the Wyatt’s.

Unfortunately I can’t cover the pre-show as I wasn’t able to watch it due to being on husband duty and picking my wife up from the coach station, but from the sounds of it I didn’t really miss much.


Tag Team Title Match:¬† 2 out of 3 Falls Match – The Uso’s vs The Wyatt’s

Once again we’re seeing this rivarly on the PPV scene again, and in fairness I wouldn’t mind seeing these 2 tag teams go at it again, They always produce entertaining match ups and this was no exception and a great way to kick the PPV off. The Wyatt’s took the lead getting the first pin. But you knew if they were to win it wouldn’t be a clean 2-0 victory. There was a great spot that was more amusing then quaility with Erick Rowan jumping from the top turnbuckle and what appeared to be belly flopped the canvas with no one there, I found it highly amusing. Harper again wrestled with everything he’s got and looked impressive yet again. Unfortunately though that saying from recent wrestling write ups comes back again…. The Uso’s are John Cena of the tag division and they ended up getting the next 2 pins to retain the title. Dissapointing result, but another excellent showing from both teams.

Divas Title Match: Paige vs AJ Lee

These 2 diva’s are the only decent things in the division currently. The break up of the funkadacty’s means we’ll get 2 more good performers, but as it is Paige and AJ are really all that’s going for the division. The match was actually pretty entertaining with both diva’s displaying some very impressive feats of strength, and both demonstrating they can take a heavy move. Paige slamming AJ off the turnbuckle being a good example. AJ Lee walked out as champion, but no one could be mad. It was a good 2nd card match from the 2 of them, It’ll be good to see this feud more.

Singles Match: Rusev vs Jack Swagger

I Wish I was a betting man, and with that I also wish that betting on WWE would net good money back as I called this result earlier on in the day. I’ll move onto that, but first we need to discuss the very brave spot prior to the match in which Lana referenced the recent tradgic events in Ukraine and used it as a work for the ongoing Russia vs USA battle that Rusev is having with the WWE Locker room. It was a very very big call to do this and to also feature pictures of Putin was some what awkward. I couldn’t believe they did it, they didn’t tone it down at all. Onto the match though I had this feeling tha Rusev was going to carry on unbeaten and if he were to lose it wouldn’t be to a proper pin. I also didn’t think that they’d have Swagger lose officially with the momentum he’s picked up in the past few weeks, So to see the victory to Rusev as a ring count out, I don’t know but could see it coming earlier in the day. It was smart as it makes Rusev continue with his streak, but also doesn’t make Swagger (or the USA) look weak as it was a count out and not a proper pin count. The match was good and Swagger had an awesome response from the crowd to be expected. The patriot lock looked to have Rusev beat, but the fight went outside the ring, Swagger locked the patriot lock again, only for Rusev to reverse and smash Swagger into the ring post. The ref’s count was already at 6 by this point. Rusev rolled into the ring and let the ref count a knocked out Swagger for the win.

Singles Match: Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose – Didn’t happen (officially)

Yup, one of the highlights of the night for me personally, and the match didn’t even take place. During a back stage promo, Dean Ambrose filled with rage attacked Rollins which caused HHH to expell Ambrose from the arena and cause the match to not happen.

Later in the night Rollins made his way to the ring and demanded that the ref raise his hand as victorious and to have the ring announcer announce he was the winner. No sooner than this had finished Ambrose ran down to the ring and attacked Rollins again. The rivalry here is awesome and it’s the first time in some time that it’s looked like a legit hatred between 2 people in the locker room. The men were seperated after minutes of skirmish, and again Ambrose escorted out of the building.

The final part of this battle was again later in the night where we see Rollins in the car park ready to leave the arena, he pauses and turns his back only for Ambrose to again appear and lay into him. Rollins recovers and drives off. This is the end of their battle tonight. So from this we know Rollins won’t cash in later.

I can only assume this took place rather than a legit match as there were rumours that Rollins was injured, so they could of pulled this off as it wasn’t too much strain on Rollins, keeps the rivalry brewing and we could see a blockbuster match at SummerSlam.

Singles Match: Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt

Jericho returned and was put straight into a rivalry with Bray. Bray could do with some decent push as his past 2 PPV appearances have been losses, and Jericho is well known for putting people over (Fandango at Mania Debut a main one). So this seemed like it would be a Bray win.

The match was fun and Bray is looking ever better each match. Jericho rolled the years back to put on acrobatics. The result was a surprise though with Jericho taking the win. Perhaps this rivarly will continue to the bigger event SummerSlam and Jericho will roll over for Bray there on a grander stage.

19 Man Battle Royal for the Vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship: Winner – The Miz

Again something else that perhaps I should of bet on. Since the Miz has returned he’s come back to a lot of boo’s and a heel. What better way to build the IC belt up and get it some limelight then with someone the crowd LOVE to HATE. We got confused watching as one point the camera is focused on Ziggler doing what he does best in these and hanging onto the rope for dear life. But we then see a shot of The Miz on the floor, so we assume he’s been knocked out, or the match has botched and he’s gone out by accident as the commentators didn’t mention him going.

So people get knocked out, the usual candidates are still in, untill Drew knocks Cesaro out. Oh how the mighty have fallen. The Miz is suddenly back in the ring in action, then we see him roll out again. Here we go, he’s rolling out which is allowed apparently, and taking a breather. Well we’re allready certain he’ll win and knock the last person out without them expecting it. We’re down to Sheamus and Ziggler. We all want Ziggler to win, and he knocks Sheamus out in hillarious fashion. And then it happens, as Ziggler supports himself on the ropes, Miz enters and throws Ziggy out. DAMN IT!!! But this could be a good feud going on and could do wonders for Ziggler and the IC belt. Here’s hoping this turns into a rivalry with a match at Summerslam that see’s Ziggler win.


What an elimination


Main Event: Fatal 4 Way for the WWE World Heavy Weight Division – John Cena vs Kane vs Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns

Well, I won’t write much up here. Roman Reigns was once again made to look amazing, landing numerous spears, dominating Kane and Orton. Each time him and Cena were about to do battle, one of the others would interfere, therefore kind of confirming that WWE don’t want these 2 to do battle here officially. Yes they did eventually have a small exchange, but it wasn’t the massive brawl we all crave. The match ended with an exchange of finishers seeing and Spear, RKO and an AA. Kane had to take the pin as WWE wouldn’t want Reigns or Orton looking like the loser. And there we have it, John Cena has overcome all the odds again yadda yadda. So we’re set for Brock Lesnar vs John Cena for the title at SummerSlam which we’ve known about for over a month thanks to Amazon leaks. Woops!

Roll on Summerslam and the Rollins vs Ambrose battle, the Uso’s vs Wyatts Round 3 and Miz vs Ziggler. Hopefully see 3 sets of new champions crowned with the Wyatt’s, Ziggler and Lesnar.

– Murr


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