Only 1 Area Per Planet in Destiny, 4 Planets Confirmed

Destiny is expected to be one of the biggest selling games of the year, and the Beta has seen a huge success, But it’s recently come to light that each planet you explore will only have one area on it, so in the case of the Beta, Russia is the only place explorable on Earth, this also means that by finishing the Beta, you’ve finished Earth.

Not quite the mass exploration that was expected, especially as a while back places such as Chigaco and Europa being mentioned.

It’s also mentioned that there are 4 planets confirmed explorable, and no more outside of our solar system. There were concept arts for other planets so perhaps these were just forgotten to be mentioned, or we’ll be seeing them as DLC.

During a “2old2play” live-stream on Twitch, Deej was asked how many “explorable areas” there are per planet. He went on to say that there are in fact one destination per planet.

The live-stream is still going on, so I can’t link it on here, but once it is over I will.

Edit 1 – Go to 1:49:30

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The plus side, Russia looks massive from the Beta, and there must be more exploration there on the full game. Perhaps more additional areas will be released via DLC, and more planets will be announced too.

Here’s hoping there will be more, as only exploring 1 area per planet over and over could get a little stale.

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3 thoughts on “Only 1 Area Per Planet in Destiny, 4 Planets Confirmed

  1. They spoke on other areas like Old Chicago or major cities like London or New York.
    I was thinking DLC as well, which would be more likely.

  2. If they want Destiny to last for 10 years, then they will need more areas. I’m expecting them to come in the for of DLC/Expansion.

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