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  1. Seems each “area” in the explorable map had its own unique world event with a degree of difficulty relative to the mobs within the zone. While you’re bang on that the impromptu get together created some instant camaraderie, too often I found myself alone when the darkness flashed the screen and didn’t have a hope in hell of completing it (like the Moon!).

    As to the number of planets, I saw a post on the Destiny Beta reddit where a “dev” outlined that the Beta was at best 10% of what we should expect. Assuming a portion of that percentage is lined up in the Crucible, then that leaves us about 7/8 planets to go – but then that’s as dirty of a mathematical hypothesis you’ll ever find.

    1. willgsrr says:

      Chat definitely needs sorting.
      I’ve also heard about the 7/8 planets thing, the only ‘worrying’ bit I though was that it sounded like old Russia wasn’t going to be bigger than the beta version. Only more missions in it. Either way I’m still really excited for the full game.

  2. drakulus23 says:

    It’s been confirmed that Earth, Mars, Venus, and the Moon are the only playable areas at launch. It is disappointing, but I expect Bungie to release content regularly.

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