Geekly Review #40

Good morning geeks, did you have a good weekend? Here’s the usual round up of ours.

On Friday, due to some good news at work, and it being pay weekend, Meg treated to me to an excellent meal out at The Ox, which is a steak restaurant in Bristol. Now I think it might just have been the best meal I’ve ever had. It started with easily the best ribs I’ve ever had, then an amazing fillet steak, and the pudding…. Oh my, the pudding! Chocolate Delice with salted caramel ice cream, it was awesome.

Unfortunately for the rest of the weekend, I wasn’t very well. So I decided to watch Lord of the Rings. Its always a good set of films to watch when you aren’t feeling well. Plus, it’s probably my favourite trilogy of films. Anything that is set in middle earth is a winner in my book.

I also got around to finishing watching the first series of Falling Skies. I know, its taken me ages to watch it. But seeing as there are four seasons of it, I figured it must be pretty decent as usually if a SciFi series isn’t very good a second series doesn’t get to see the light of day.

If you are at all like me and are years behind with some TV shows Falling Skies tells the story of a post apocalyptic earth after anĀ invasion from aliens. 90% of earths population has been wiped out, and the aliens main motivation seems to be rounding up children attaching a bio-mechanical device called a ‘harness’ which essentially allows the aliens to control them and communicate through them. The show mainly follows a small resistance known as the 2nd Massachusets as they try to survive the alien threat, and fight back.

At first I wasn’t convinced on the series, and I guess that’s why it took me so long to watch it. But now that the first series is out of the way, and would say that overall it’s been pretty enjoyable. Now on to series two.

– Will

On Friday I had a catch up with some of my old work colleagues, we were around a friends house for gaming and drinking, It was a really good night with lots of shouting and abuse being hurled at each other. We kicked things off with Left4Dead 1, played that for a few hours. We then mixed it up with Blur. It was the first time I’d played this, It reminded me of Mario Kart but with real cars in, It was a good laugh, but the AI seemed immense and we rarely broke the top 4, or was this perhaps the alcohol? Next up was FIFA, Being cocky I challanged them to a 3 vs 1 match, ended up winning that with a 3-1 score line. We went onto Virtua Tennis 4, which while fun, has to be said isnt the best in the virtua tennis series. Finally back onto L4D1 to close the night out, it was a good fun night playing some different games to usual gaming nights.

Saturday we celebrated my wifes birthday, it’s not till tomorrow, but we wanted to have some drinks. Again another fun night with drinks at the local, then back to our place for more drinks and shots and laughs. Another entertaining gathering.

Sunday Feeling pretty good considering we were at my Wifes parents house for more early birthday celebrations. Once finished there we came back and I plowed through 4 episodes of season 2 of Dexter.

In terms of GEEKY stuff done on the week off I had (only 1 left off now), Well I bought the Ghostbusters lego set which is amazing, I bought the Lego Movie on DVD which is also amazing, and lastly saw Guardians of the Galaxy which was… you guessed it… UNBELIEVEABLY EPICLY GODLY AMAZING!

So yeah, heres to another week off with Thorpe Park planned!

– Murr

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