Games I can’t wait to play Part II

At the tail end of last year I talked about a few up and coming games that I couldn’t wait to play. Well now that all of the games mentioned in that post are out, albeit in various states, I thought I would once again talk about some upcoming games that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

As with the previous post I will talk about games, that are possibly a little more off the ‘main stream’ radar for some, although I’m sure a lot of you will have already heard of them and you will probably sit there going “Dude, I already know all about these games.” But, whatever…


First up is Miscreated, now this one is more of a “I’m really interested in trying this out” as I’ve only recently heard about it, so my hype levels aren’t exactly booming yet, but it sounds pretty intriguing. Developed by Entrada Interactive, Miscreated is a multiplayer, post-apocalyptic, survival-based sandbox game created using Cryengine. I know what you might be thinking, “Is he talking about DayZ?”. No, although you could be forgiven for thinking that with the description.

The game does seem to follow a similar sort of trend to games like DayZ, Rust and The Forest, and comparisons between those are bound to happen. But from what I’ve read and seen so far, it looks like it will take a combination of all of those games and create something that will hopefully stand out on its own. Base building, vehicles, weapon customisation, dynamic weather cycles, these are all things we can expect to see in the game, plus a whole lot more.

This is a quick overview of the game taken from the website. “The year is 2089. The Earth is in ruins from two major nuclear wars. Civilization has collapsed and the majority of mankind has been wiped out. Each day is a struggle to find food and water to live, weapons for defense, and gear to withstand the harsh unforgiving wasteland that was once earth. The city centers and areas once called home and work are now populated by grotesque mutated humans, minds rotten from radiation and sickness. Bandits fight for control of what’s left, executing everyone they come across or using them for slave labor and food. This is the world as it exists today, there is no law. Kill or be killed. Survive or Die.”



I think it’s sounding like a really interesting game, and like DayZ, one that could create some pretty memorable multiplayer moments. Unfortunately there is no release date mentioned yet, so when it will be available is anyone’s guess. There has been a recent Developer update on the game though, so if you fancy reading that then take a look here.

I’ve been looking to start up a new diaries series in a similar vein to the DayZ dairies, and I think this could be a good game for it.

Elite: Dangerous

Technically you could argue that this game is already out, as it has recently gone in the Beta. But it comes with a price tag of £50, so its not a cheap Beta. Plus I don’t have it, so it’s still a game I can’t wait to play.

“Elite: Dangerous is the spectacular new sequel in the Elite series of games. Head for the stars, take a ship and trade, bounty-hunt, pirate or assassinate your way across the galaxy in this massively multiplayer online space adventure. It’s an awe inspiring, beautiful, vast place; with 400 billion star systems, planets, moons and asteroid fields just waiting to be explored and exploited.”


It’s looking pretty fantastic

You start out with nothing but a small ship and a small amount of money, you are essentially then free to do what you like. You create your own path, and become whoever you want to be. Do you want to be a legendary and feared pirate? Well you can! Do you want to be an awesome super cool bounty hunter? Sure, you can do that too. Or maybe you just want to earn an honest living, and slowly grow your fortune. It sounds like the possibilities are almost as endless as the universe, and there is just something infinitely appealing about games set in space. As it is in Beta not all the features are currently available, and the universe is still being built, it’s therefore not as big as it will be come full release. Having said that, it’s still something like 10 light years to travel to some stations, so it’s pretty big.

From what I’ve seen so far it looks like it could have a pretty steep learning curve. There aren’t really any ‘tutorials’ as such, more just ‘beginner’ scenarios, that will help you understand all the controls, and there are a hell of a lot of them. Needless to say, this game won’t be holding your hand.

You know what, I’m now pretty tempted to go and get involved in the Beta.

Star Citizen

Console people listen up! This is the big one. PC people, I’m sure you are already well aware of this game. Currently this game is breaking records left, right and centre for crowd funding, and currently sits just under the $50,000,000 mark! Needless to say there is a reason its generating this much money, and that is simply because it looks incredible.

You could argue that this game is going to be very similar to Elite: Dangerous, and I guess it is. You have a massive universe to explore, and you can pretty much do what you like within it. The difference being that with Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games and Behaviour Interactive have gone to the minutest of details for the game. This is evident if you have ever watched any of the videos on YouTube. This is evident in the fictional company ‘Roberts Space Industries’ that has been created detailing the history of the first civilian space crafts that were created by them, plus all the other companies that exist in the game world. It’s evident in all animations that have been created for what seems like every single detail you could think of. Oh, it also has an FPS element to the game. Yup, there will be a ‘Ship boarding module’ for the game, and it is rumoured that it will be shown off at this years PAX Australia.

The below video from E3 this year curtosey of Gamespot gives a pretty good overview of where it is at, at the moment.

The game is ambitious beyond belief, and if it were a console game it could be a system seller, and then some!

As with Elite: Dangerous this game is kind of already released with the hanger modules and the Arena Commander Drone Sim aspects available to play.

So, what games are you looking forward to playing? Let me know in the comments.

– Will

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