Destiny – Dragons!?

If you’ve been keeping your face glued to the computer screen for any drip of new Destiny info like I have, you will have no doubt already seen the latest launch trailer. But in case you haven’t, here it is, and if you have… Well watch it again!

But this isn’t the best part, oh no, no! The best part is a quick flash of what looks to be a dragon circling the sky. Yes, a DRAGON!

Destiny_DragonOk, I know what you might be thinking, “This is just for the trailer.” “It could just be a big alien bird thing.” But wait, there is more evidence to support that this in fact could actually be an uber badass, mega cool, ultimate super dragon…. Sorry, I got excited.

Right, the first piece of evidence. A gun. A gun? Yes, take a look at this bad boy, and note the name and description of it.

Destiny_RifleFirstly it’s called ‘Cryptic Dragon’ cool name by the way! Secondly the description says “Those who doubt the existence of dragons are always the first devoured.” Why would they be talking about dragons in the Destiny lore, if they didn’t exist? Ok, maybe they went extinct I hear you say.

But what about the second piece of evidence. There is an achievement/trophy that you can unlock in the game called ‘Dragon Slayer’ and its description reads ‘Kill a champion of the dark’

The evidence is pilling up, I think you will agree! And if you are still doubtful then, well as the ‘Cryptic Dragon’ suggests, you will be devoured first.

There isn’t too long to find out whether this is true, and the game will be with us in just over 3 weeks. I’ve got a day off, have you?

– Will




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