Geekly Review #43

This weeks Geekly Review it’ll just be me (Murr) rounding off the weekend as Will is celebrating his birthday with a week holiday. This week may also be a little quiet with Will being away, and then on Thursday I’ll also be heading on a long weekend holiday to celebrate my birthday in Amsterdam!

With that Friday night it was my wifes turn to go out on the town, so she went out drinking, and I had was in bed by 7:45pm with a few bottles of beer, some cookies and a pile of Marvel films. I only watched 2 of them, Captain America Winter Soldier and Thor Dark World. But still a rather quiet but geeky night all the same.

Saturday the finishing touches were done on the house… kind of, the plastering was completed anyways, now its a case of painting and new flooring, then the living room should be complete. While the plastering happening, I just watched the F1 Quali and Soccer Saturday keeping up to date with all the results. Saturday night my wife wanted to watch Captain America, so I was happy to watch it again as I think it’s awesome. Within 20 minutes of the film, her late night from Friday caught up with her, so I turned it off and played on the PS4 for a while before calling it a night.

Sunday I watched the F1 which was a great race in Spa. The clash between Rosberg and Hamilton is sure to spice the final 7 races up and their team alot. Fair play to Riciardo who is proving he was worth the redbull seat. Also happy that Bottas is continuing to perform well and restore some success to Williams, I hope it’s not a one season only revival. After that I went to the pub with my dad, brother in law and wife to watch Man United vs Sunderland. Another week and another disaster performance for United. This time it wasn’t as interesting due to no bird poop in players mouths. From there we went to another pub to have some bank holiday drinks with some friends.


Another weekend gone too quick, fortunately today off work means it’s a 2 day week for me this week! result.

– Murr

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