PS4 Reaches 1 Million Sales in UK

The PS4 momentum continues as it officially hits 1 million sales in the UK.

MCV posted the news this morning:

PS4 has sold 1m units in the UK, making it the second fastest selling home console of all time.

The machine reaches the figure after 42 weeks. Wii managed the same feat in 38 weeks.

By comparison, PS2 hit 1m in 50 weeks and Xbox 360 took 60 weeks to hit that target. PS3 was quite quick to 1m, selling to that number by week 46.

And UK MD Fergal Gara has told MCV that many of the customers that have picked up PS4 have come over from Xbox.

“We have certainly seen PS3 consumers come across quite hard and fast,” he said.

“But a very significant proportion are people we have never seen on our network before. And from their behaviour and the types of games they are playing, it’s fairly clear that a big chunk of those have come across from Xbox, which is tremendous to see. And there’s a chunk that look like they’re brand new to gaming. And they’ve picked PS4 as their first serious gaming device.”

He added: “I would really like to thank all of our retail partners who have backed us so far. The work they have put in and the execution through the launch was exceptional, and without which we would not have got off the ground. We continue to work very well together and our plans for this Christmas are coming together quite nicely.”

With the release of Destiny and the brief exclusivity of DLC and launch day goodies that the PS4 offers, not to mention the white PS4, there will most likely be another massive surge in the next few weeks.


Interesting to see that they believe a big chunk of the sales have come from Xbox owners changing platform for this generation. I admit I’m guilty of this switch of allegiance too.



– Murr

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